27 October 2015

Getting creative with fresh blooms

My home has been smelling divine in the last week as I have had vases littered around my home with fresh blooms.

I recently posted about making your own flower bouquets and I think I may have even inspired myself!

 I was walking past my local fruit and vege shop which also sells fresh blooms. They have bunches already made, or you can purchase the flowers by the stem and make your own. I loved the idea of making my own and made two bunches for two very special ladies who I have been creatively working with at the moment, plus extras for me. 

I loved working with the flowers, it is something I haven't done before. 
Have you? I chose predominantly native flowers, so they were a big tougher and easier to work with as they weren't so delicate. I love the big king proteas (the big pink ones!) they were huge and really made a fabulous focal point for the bunches.

Here are some of my snaps of these pretty blooms. Enjoy!

Have you ever made your own flower bunches or bouquets? 
What are your favourite flowers?

Have a fabulous day x

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  1. Ashlea, they are just gorgeous!! I've never done my own bouquets before, but would love to. I've always thought it would be nice to work in a florist :) #teamIBOT

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  3. You have inspired me to go flower shopping now

  4. I'm not a fan of cut flowers, but you definitely have a beautiful flair for putting them together! x

  5. Oh hun there is not one single thing I do not absolutely LOVE about this. I am the biggest flower addict ever so your images just made my heart swoon xx

  6. I love flowers and would go to my local florist everyday and buy everything in sight or just look. Your photos are beautiful.I'm a tulip girl, in any shade, I'm not fussed. But my heart sings for flowers. Zoe xx


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