4 December 2015

MAKE: A DIY Feather Christmas Wreath

The month of November has flown by and Christmas is nearly here!
 Have you set up your tree and started decorating your home yet?

Today I am excited to be linking up with eleven other talented Bloggers, to give you some Christmas wreath inspiration. I love hanging a wreath on my front door each year and this year decided to make my own - I love a DIY project!

If you have stopped by here before, you would know that I love feathers and am a little obsessed at the moment. I use feathers in the dreamcatchers I make and have feathers throughout my home with my African juju hat and feather decor.

Alongside my coastal Christmas tree and decorations this year, I wanted to tie in a feather wreath, to reflect my style and I love the way it turned out.

 I thought I would share with you the project, you might want to make one too?

Supplies you’ll need to make a feather Christmas wreath:
Timber embroidery hoop 
Ribbon to hang the wreath with
Feathers - I used white turkey feathers
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1 – Attaching the feathers
Hot glue is the easiest way to fasten the feathers to the timber hoop. It dries super quick and keeps a firm hold.
 If you haven't used a hot glue gun before, do be careful it is hot (I learnt this the hard way and still days later have a big blister on my finger, ouch!).
Run a line of glue about 5cm along the flat section of the timber, then attach the feathers at a 45 degree angle as shown below. I wanted them to look like they were fanned out evenly, so opted for the 45 degree angle.
Continue this right the way around the timber hoop.

Step 2 – Fill in the gaps
Repeat step 1, however this time put the hot glue around the bottom of the feathers and in any gaps, filling them with feathers.
 The idea now is to thicken the feathers and layer them to create a full looking wreath.

Step 3 – Cover the feather ends

Once the wreath is full looking, you may want to cover the feather ends. I simply ran hot glue along the entire perimeter of the timber hoop, across the feather ends and laid feathers horizontal. The feathers then covered the sharp feather ends to give a softer look.

Step 4 – Time to hang
Now the fun part, hanging your feather wreath. 

I used some white cotton ribbon, attaching it to the timber hoop to hang mine on my front door. You could use any twine, rope or ribbon to do this, depending on the look and texture you want to achieve.

So what do you think?
 Are you inspired to make your own Christmas wreath?

As I mentioned earlier, I am linking up today with eleven talented Bloggers who would love to inspire you with their festive decorations and wreaths.
 Thanks to Kylie and Sam, the names behind DIY Decorator who organised this Christmas Wreath Showcase. 

You can see below a snapshot at some of the beautiful wreaths they have created or bought. I love how unique and different they all are. Some traditional looking, others full of colour and fun!

You must pop over and see more of these wreaths and say hello to the lovely ladies behind these gorgeous creations. Simply click the blog name below to see more:


It was so much fun making my DIY feather wreath and sharing it with you.
Keep popping by, I will have more Christmas inspiration for you in the coming days - handmade Christmas gift ideas, shopping picks and a tour of Christmas in my home. I cannot wait! The countdown to Christmas is on, only 20 more days!

Have a fabulous weekend lovelies x
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  1. it's gorgeous Ashlea. I had a juju hat a while ago out of feathers. Are you still finding little bits of feather all through your house?
    have a lovely christmas

    1. Luckily no - the wreath even survived a storm the other night and stayed intact! So far so good, must have been all the glue I used. I did go a little over the top hehe! x

  2. I love your feather wreath, it's stunning! I really enjoyed having the opportunity to make my own wreath, something I wouldn't usually make time for. xx

    1. Yours so suits your home and style and I feel mine does too! It was nice to do some festive creativity, I haven't had time for anything else this year. The days are flying by!! x

  3. Oh Ashlea it's stunning. I once made a feather wreath just by wrapping a feather boa around a frame but using individual feathers makes it look so striking. Fiona's right. You'll probably be finding bits of feather everywhere for the next week or so. Thanks for joining in x

    1. A boa is a good idea, especially to keep all the feathers a little more intact! So far so good, it survived a wet and windy storm the other night which I am grateful for. I didn't want to have to make another!! :) Thanks for the fun link up xx

  4. Beautiful Ashlea! As is your driftwood Christmas tree! I feel inspired to try and make my own wreath this Christmas. xx

    1. So glad to inspire you Ruthie :) Thanks so much for your kind words xx

  5. This looks amazing Ashlea! Your whole front entry looks inviting and Christmassy! Love it! Hx

  6. What a gorgeous idea, you are so clever and it suits your home perfectly.
    Merry Christmas lovely
    Yvette x

    1. Thank you Yvette! Hope your Christmas planning and prep is going well! :) x

  7. Ashlea, that feather wreath is just gorgeous! I'm also loving the look of that driftwood? framed mirror and just about everything else in your photos!! ;-) x

    1. Oh thank you Min! When I look back at these photos I realise this is almost the 'handmade corner'of the home. The white table I made, the driftwood mirror, Christmas tree and now the wreath. I am overtaking the house hehe! x

  8. Oh so pretty and delicate Ashlea. Love your style!

  9. This is just beautiful and is styled perfectly with everything else in the room. As for that Christmas tree - wow!

    1. Thank you Tash, your so kind. I do love my tree, although next year I think I will get the fake tree out too as I miss all the tinsel and baubles and fun of setting it up! Its okay to have two trees right?:P

  10. Your feather wreath is stunning! We made a similar white feather wreath last year (http://stylecurator.com.au/diy-feather-wreath/) but love the way yours sits much better!

    1. Oh thank you so much - I shall go and pop over and see yours! I am really happy with the way it turned out and the feathers are still intact a week later, even hanging outdoors in the elements! yay :)

  11. Ahhh hun - You and I so need to get together one day and spend a glorious day foofing and decorating and crafting. I have a darn good feeling you and I would have a blast together ;) xx


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