22 July 2016

Feature Friday: Phil & Amity's New Home

Hello! If you’re new to my Feature Friday posts this is where I love to show you inside real homes. I know you are going to love this home, it's a home that has been thought about and planned with precision, resulting in a Hamptons meets Edwardian meets Country stunner. 

This is the the home of Phil and Amity. 

Phil and Amity are household names after competing in two season of The Block. The talented duo reluctantly agreed to the 2013 The Block All Stars series, after not renovating since their last block experience - 10 years before. You wouldn't have known it though. The Husband and Wife team have a serious eye for style and design and were crowned the winners of the All Stars season.

 There is seriously nothing Amity cannot do. Singer, Writer, Composer and TV Personality, plus Mum to two gorgeous children Jamison and Poppy. Amity's career has taken her as far as New York, Europe and many places in between, performing and doing what she is best at - unleashing her creativity.

Phil and Amity have just finished building their dream home and Amity was so kind to take the time to chat to me about what they have been up to with their new build. It is a home that Amity has been dreaming of building her whole life and it is nothing short of spectacular.

Lets take a look inside shall we?

The combination weatherboard cladding, plantation shutters meets modern country

Amity, it’s so lovely to have you here with us – tell us a bit about yourself and loves!
I’m a singer, writer, decorating and design enthusiast and mum. Their order of preference changes daily, depending on what I have on! But I am very lucky that what I love to do and what I get paid to do are the same things.

After finishing The Block All Stars in 2013 was building your dream home next on the project list?
Absolutely! Winning All Stars gave us a house deposit and buying a project to renovate was our main priority. Although we hadn’t actually considered building from scratch then, that came later.

How long did you spend planning and designing your home?
Um…my whole life! I have been dreaming about what I would do with my own house for a very long time, like most of us who love real estate tend to do. And while we were looking for the right house to buy I spent a lot of time looking at photos and plans of what I wanted to do. So when we did decide to build I was ready to jump right into it, so it came together quite quickly. But I can honesty say I thought about the design and finished product of the house every day for the year or so that we were building and decorating it. I was pretty obsessed!

Do you have any tips for people thinking about building a home?
Do your research! Read magazines, go on Pinterest and Houzz and design blogs and make note of what you love. The more pre-planning you do the better idea you will have of what you want when you’re in the thick of it and faced with endless choices.

What does the word home mean to you?
Family, a safe place, a place where you can be completely yourself and have an oasis from the outside world. Not everyone gets to have that, but that is certainly the dream.

Describe your style?
Hamptons meets Modern Country. I love white with blue accents and lots of natural textures.

Your inspiration for your home?
Hamptons meets Modern Country! The inspiration for the exterior was Hamptons meets Edwardian meets Queenslander weatherboard.

Favourite part of your home?
There are so many! But it has to be the living area with the sandstone fireplace (we recycled the sandstone from the original house) and the exposed trusses in the ceiling. I love that this room extends to the deck with the trusses continuing, so when the bi-fold doors are open it feels like one big space.

The sandstone fireplace which was recycled from the original house and exposed trusses
Exposed trusses extend from the interior to outdoor living space - once the bi fold doors are open it becomes one big open space

Biggest indulgence?
I’m not sure? There’s not one thing that jumps out, I tried to be mindful with every indulgent purchase that it was worth it and that I wasn’t just spending for the sake of it. The sofa was a bit indulgent, but totally worth it!

What do friends say when they visit your home?
That it feels light and warm and welcoming. It’s a great entertainers house and we’ve had some good parties already, with many more to come!

Relaxed Hamptons look for the master bedroom - Amity's signature look of blue, white and neutrals
Amity's favourite space - her music room and place of creativity
What's next for you - any upcoming musical projects or exciting ventures?
I am working on my second musical, ‘Famous’ which gives an inside perspective on reality TV and instant fame. My first musical, ‘Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life’ and may go back to Europe next year, so fingers crossed for that. That show has blown me away with its success, it’s already taken me to New York and Norway, so hopefully Famous can do the same thing and I will get to travel more! 

Stunning isn't it?!
 Any stand out rooms or features you loved?
 Or were you just in awe of beauty like me?
I love how the exposed trusses extend the living space to the outdoors and how it seamlessly flows. You can appreciate how much thought and precision went into the planning and design of this home. They have nailed it and there is nothing I would change. It has me very inspired for my new build project. I will be taking on Amity's advice and starting to get busy with my planning and will keep pinning inspiration. I need to be sure of the look I am going for so the home flows from room to room like this.

CONNECT WITH phil and amity
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suppliers & Contacts
The home was built by Scott Salisbury Homes
The kitchen, bathrooms and joinery are by Alby Turner & Son 

For more information on paint colours, carpets, tiles and decor, visit Amity's recent blog posts on Doing Our Block. Amity kindly shares links to her Pinterst boards, her ensuite tile choices and more - in particular these posts:

Note - all photos were supplied to me by Amity to be published on Glamour Coastal Living
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  1. What an amazing home! This would be my dream home too! I especially love the sandstone fireplace and the exposed trusses!

  2. Wow! Love Amity's style. That room with the fireplace is stunning.

    1. Perfect isn't it! I have major fireplace envy...but appreciating how amazing it is and loving the inspo for my house build! :) x A

  3. I think a lot of the elements of this house would be in my dream home too, it's gorgeous. I especially love the fireplace and the indoor / outdoor flow. Great interview

    1. Thanks for popping by Vicki - its a stunner that's for sure. So many elements I love, the high ceilings are just breathtaking...

  4. Love her colour scheme. It really is warm and inviting.

    1. It's timeless and so relaxing! Thanks for stopping by Sandra!


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