14 November 2018

A Chapter Closes

If you are reading this, you may have been following along my journey since the beginning. Or you may be new around here!

I started Glamour Coastal Living blog in 2013 to document our first home, it's renovations and our home inspirations. From there, my blog grew a readership (thank you all!) and I passionately put lots of time and energy into my online space and connections I'd made. Fast forward five years and life looks very different. We have sold our home, built our forever home, had twins and more recently, a baby girl eight weeks ago. The last two years have been mammoth, doing our build as Owner Builders and having three children. Yes #threeundertwo 

My life and how I spend my time looks very different to what it was in 2013 when Glamour Coastal Living started. I have been having a hiatus and you may have noticed I've been a little absent the last two years? I felt like my life now, is not reflective of what Glamour Coastal Living is and was. So this blog took a back seat as the content I wanted to post with you all was no longer true to my former Glamour Coastal style.

Many hours and love was poured into the content and posts I did here on Glamour Coastal Living. I loved bringing you home tours, home inspiration and showing you inside my home. I deliberated alot about what to do with this online space. Whether to shut down this page completely, or leave it here as a chapter of my life I can look back on and read. I have decided to leave this space here, but no longer post. 

If you want to see more of me, my new home, life and loves, I will be solely over on Instagram now. You can find me here under my new name, Our Sunshine Days.

I have decided to change the name of my Instagram account, to Our Sunshine Days.  The name is inspired by what life looks like now, living on our acreage, my barefoot babes out in the sunshine, surrounded by trees and nature. I'll be sharing my home, life and loves on this account, with a truer reflection of me and my style.

My new home, no longer a coastal glamour style, is now inspired by nature and its surrounds of rolling green grass and gum trees. Although not far from the beaches of Currumbin, there isn’t a coastal vibe. When building this home we wanted plenty of light and open aspects to see the outside and bring the outside indoors. So our homes design and style is reflective of this. I don't have a particular 'style' now in my home, it's just an eclectic array of us and looks we love. 

I understand if you followed my blog for the coastal style, that this change may not be what you want to see in your insta feed. That's okay! But I'd love you to keep following along and embrace the change and the new additions in my life. 

Thank you my wonderful blog friends and community 💛
Ashlea x

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