19 March 2016

My Trade Story: My Job in the Construction Industry

You may or may not know - but my fulltime job is as a joint business director for a roofing construction company. My business partner is my husband and we have a team of 12+ qualified trades who work for us. I didn't intend to work in the construction industry, it sort of just happened.

What it has shown me though, is that women's roles in the construction industry are sometimes overlooked and undervalued. We are often seen as 'the admin girls' or I am often told by customers that they want to speak to 'a man', when honestly, I know far more than they realise about metal and tile roofs. 

Over the last two years, it has been so wonderful to see a woman in the construction industry making waves and creating awareness for the roles us women do.  Nicole Cox, of The Builder's Wife has been named a 2015 HIA Business Partner of the year and this acknowledges her valuable input and success in the industry.

"There are so many opportunities for personal and professional growth within a small business, and particularly in the construction industry, a typically male dominated industry that is seeing real growth through female involvement. I hope to be able to use my 12 months with this title to help and inspire other business partners to grow within their businesses to reach their full potential." 
- Nicole Cox 

Isn't she fabulous! And today, Nicole is so kind to have asked me to share my trade story and my role as a woman in the construction industry.
  You can read about my story on The Builders Wife Blog.

Nicole's online presence on social media and in the blogging world is raising awareness about women in the construction industry - inspiring women to try a profession in the construction industry and showing you how you can knock down those glass ceilings. 

if you are a woman in the construction industry, then be sure to pop over and visit Nicoleon her blog and social media
The Builder's Wife

Have a fabulous weekend x
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  1. I love how you've built a business up to 12+ employees, that's a hard job to do, well done you x


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