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10 May 2017

Oh babies! Double the love...

So it's taken a while for me to sit down and write this post. Finding the time to sit at a computer is a rarity these days!

But I wanted to share this overdue post...


Maveric Hudson
Tallow Harper

21st December 2016

Maveric Hudson
1820 grams
4 pounds
47 cm

Tallow Harper
1860 grmas
4 pounds
45 cm

 Its been just over four months that these two precious little boys have been earthside. What a beautiful journey its been. A whirlwind, a learning experience, but so rewarding. We are truly blessed to have two healthy boys.

29 November 2016

An Ethical Christmas

have yourself a very ethical christmas

This Christmas, consider buying an ethical Christmas gift, to help shape and better the world we live in.

If just one in four Australians made one ethical Christmas purchase, we’d raise more than $2.2 billion for people living in poverty. That’s enough to provide clean water for every family in Zambia. Incredible huh?
Read on to see how we had an ethical Christmas...

23 November 2016

Lunch at the Broadwater

Yesterday I did something very spontaneous.

I skipped half a day at work and convinced Hubby to as well (perks of having your own business I guess, you have to do it sometime!).
We had a long lunch on the Gold Coast Broadwater, thanks to Coles Supermarkets and their Coles Food Truck which is currently on tour around Australia. Look at the view of the Marina Mirage and parklands we were able to enjoy, it was the perfect day for it!

16 November 2016

Oh Babies! My Baby Shower

On Sunday we celebrated the soon to be arrival of our twin boys with my baby shower - read about how we revealed their gender, if you missed that post!

I wanted a simple 'do, one that wouldn't be too much fuss. I was concious when setting the date to ensure I wasn't 'too pregnant'. I wanted to be able to still move around with ease, not have kankles and enjoy myself. I was also concious, that carrying twins, being 28 weeks pregnant that I am equivalent to the size and weight of carrying a singleton baby at 34 weeks. So the date was perfect, I was able to still get around with ease and the day was a perfect with blue skies, not a hint of rain as forecast. It was terribly hot though!

11 October 2016

A Life & House Update - Dirt, Nesting and DIY!

I have been a little quiet around here lately!

It has been a massive couple of weeks and I am finally catching my breath! On a personal note, the babies are growing well and we are currently at 23 weeks. All this baby growing is super tiring and some days I just have to pause (to catch my breath especially when walking up stairs!) and just reflect on how incredible the human body is. I feel so blessed to be able to grow and carry two little miracles and constantly find myself staring at my belly in disbelief. I already feel so huge, but there is lots of growing to still do!

At home, we have been busy the last two weeks packing up three bedrooms, as if we were moving house. We had new carpet installed into the bedrooms yesterday, so we had to literally pack everything up and move all furniture out. It was a great excuse for a big spring clean and cull though. Nathan would come home each day to piles off things - things to bin, things to donate to charity and then the pile of 'am I being too sentimental in keeping this, I need your opinion?!' hehe

20 September 2016

Big News!

It is a very exciting time at our house.

You may have noticed over the last few months that I have been missing in action a little - not so many blog posts and over on Instagram only every now and then?

You are probably thinking its the new house build plans that have been keeping us busy? 

Not quite!

You see 1.6.2016 was a very exciting day for Nathan and I. 
It was the day we signed the contract to buy our new renovator and build our dream home, but it was also memorable for another reason. 
At 10:30am that day, we found out we were pregnant.

P R E G N A N T.

We were so thrilled, completely over the moon. 

The morning all day sickness kicked in very early, from 6 weeks. I was spending hours at a time horizontal on the lounge, unable to move, for fear of being sick. I would have an hour or two at a time where I felt well enough to stand and I would squeeze some work in, before retiring to my horizontal position. 

Dry crackers, popcorn, mandarins and ginger was all that got me through. 

Our blood tests revealed that our hcg levels were very high and we joked about being pregnant with twins - which the high levels can sometimes indicate. 

It came as a complete shock to us then, when we had an early ultrasound at 7 weeks and discovered two strong little heartbeats.

Yep, we are expecting TWINS!
Soon those three footprints in the sand will be five...

No wonder why the all day sickness was so bad, I had two bubs on board!

From early on, we discovered that they were identical, meaning the one fertilised egg naturally splits and develops two babies with the exact same genetic information. Our babies Monochorionic diamniotic (MCDA) twins and are sharing the one placenta and one outer membrane, but they each have their own separate amniotic sac. This also means that they will be the same gender - either girl/girl or boy/boy.

So, currently I am 20 weeks pregnant and now over the halfway mark of pregnancy (full term twin pregnancy is 37 weeks). I cannot believe how quickly time is flying and in the last few weeks we have really started getting organised - buying cots, prams, car seat capsules and all the big ticket items. 
Next job on the list is to start clearing out the spare room, which will become their nursery and starting to assemble furniture. That is certainly something you don't want to do under pressure! 

Here is our latest scan of the twins, both hiding their face from us, with their backs to us and the twin on the left has their little hand up - can you see the teeny tiny fingers?

We will be starting our house build (hopefully!) around end of November and babies are likely to be delivered around Christmas, so it is going to be a busy couple of months ahead of us! We envision at this point that we will be living at our current home until around April, when we will move to our new home. Not ideal, but hey, we wouldn't have it any other way!! 

Telling the Family
Sharing our news with our parents and siblings was the best part. I had a baby onesie printed (see below), with the news that we would be having a baby (if it was a singleton baby, our actual due date is 2/2/2017). I had it made before our 7 week scan, as we had decided that as soon as we had heard baby's heartbeat, we would share it with the family. We just wanted to play it safe first. It had been such a long hard journey to get to this point and we also had a miscarriage, so we were keeping it a little under wraps and not shouting it from the rooftops initially. When we found out that it was two babies and our due date wasn't now going to be February 2017, we wanted to still use the onesie as the announcement to our family anyway. Isn't it just the cutest?!

So we had our 7 week scan and couldn't wait to share it with our parents and siblings, firstly handing them a bag with the onesie inside and telling them to open it. There was squeals of absolute delight, tears and lots of "Oh My Gods". Once over the initial shock, we then produced an envelope, showing the ultrasound and the two little peppercorn sized dots on the scan, telling them there wasn't just one, but two buns in the oven.

Their reactions were priceless and we even recorded it. It was just so much warm, fuzziness and amazement all in one- it was the best moment EVER!

Here is how we shared the news with family and friends...

We are so smitten and excited to become parents and feel so blessed to become parents of twins. Such a miracle!

 Clearly this is all very new to me!
 Feel free to give me any advice mamas or pregnant ladies! 
Be sure to let me know your first time parent advice, tips, tricks and must have things I need to buy?!
I am told the white square cloth nappies are a must for spew rags and clean ups, any other great tips?!

I promise to post another update soon x

PS: any guesses on the gender?:P
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16 August 2016

Lovely Links + Things

Just thought I would pop in today and share some lovely links and finds from the internet this week.

Yvette of The Stylist Splash has me inspired to forage in my neighbourhood for blooms, after she did just that on her walk the other day. Wrapping these beauties up for her Mum’s birthday. Stunning huh? I love making fresh bouquets as gifts. I did some here you may remember and here are some tips on making your own if you are feeling a little crafty!

5 July 2016

E is for Excitement

Today is an exciting day!
We are picking up the keys to our new home. We are calling it our dream home, even thought its a tiny two bedroom brick and tile cottage! We know that soon it will be transformed into our dream home.

2 July 2016

Life Lately June 2016

June has come and gone with a blink!
Officially in the second half of the year now. I truly believe each year goes faster and faster! 

Being a Summer lover, June was a quiet one for me. Lots of afternoons indoors, baking and making, cranking up the heater and snuggling with Mr Coopar.

I am not looking forward to the next eight weeks, Winter seems like the season that never ends. The last two winters I escaped to hotter climates, Hawaii last year and Fiji in 2014. It is a shame I wasn't a little more organised this year. Sipping cocktails in the heat sounds amazing right now...

As I sit here and type, my ugh boots are keeping my feet warm and although lovely and sunny outside its below 20 degrees here on the Gold Coast. For anyone that lives in QLD, you too can sympathise - that's cold!! :P

Here is a snapshot of June...

14 June 2016

dreamy boho style

Did you catch my heart to heart chat with Yen over on She Loves To Make last week?
You may have learnt a little more about me if you did pop over for a read! You would have learnt that I do have a '9 - 5' job and blog and get creative after hours. I love being creative and what I enjoy most is getting lost amongst my feathers, beads, soft leathers and vintage doilies. I love making one off dreamcatchers and baby mobiles. 

Made with love + intention each dreamcatcher is made one of a kind + unique, to cultivate inspiring dreams while you sleep.

I was busy making and being creative last weekend and here are some of my newest creations which you can browse via my online Etsy Store.

17 May 2016

iFLY + Taking The Plunge

In collaboration with iFly

When was the last time you did something that was out of your comfort zone?

I did something recently that gave me butterflies, sweaty palms and had me feeling out of my comfort zone.

I was super nervous, mostly at not knowing what to expect and fearing that I would be such a klutz and make a complete fool of myself. Isn't that how we always feel when trying something for the first time?

I impressed myself though, I technically plunged the equivalent of 14,000 feet out of a plane. But just minus the plane and parachute.

11 May 2016

Ultimate Winter Fashion Edit

I am told there is a cold snap coming.

 Which is fair enough, since we are well and truly through Autumn and on our way into Winter. If you saw my post yesterday about my ocean blues, you would be thinking otherwise. Yes here on the East Coast we have been experiencing 27 degree days and perfect beach weather. Tough gig I know!

In saying that, I feel like I need to be prepared, so today I am sharing some winter wardrobe staples.


 boots - coats - anoraks - maxi dress - scarf - wrap

10 May 2016

Ocean Blues

I am sun drenched and totally dosed up on ocean blue hues at the moment.

I have just spent the last week in the sun at a beautiful campground at Brooms Head on the Clarence Coast. Have you been to Brooms Head before?

It has a population of 250 people, a caravan park and a corner store. It is a tiny village that is the perfect place to unwind and relax. There is literally no where to do and nothing to do but absorb yourself in the surrounding nature.

Camped right on the beach front, we lapped up the sunshine and salt, with ocean views from our tent. Better than a five star resort! 

With no city lights or haze, the sky was crystal clear at night, not a cloud and stars so bright. We spotted venus, the milky way and the saucepan whilst sitting back in camp chairs around the fire each night. Jacket potatoes were cooked in the fire's coals, popcorn was popped over the fires flames and plenty of campfire stories were told.

Mornings were spent at the beach, in the ocean, resting under the beach umbrella with a book, fishing, 4wding along the beaches and exploring the headlands and coastal walks. 

Some days, the only footprints on the beach were our own.

12 April 2016

Around here lately - reading, watching & eating!

Just thought I would say a quick hello and share what I have been up to lately. Precisely, what I have been eating, reading and watching. The important stuff you know!

|| Eating || 

I love making dinners that provide leftovers the next day, so I can have them for lunch. I am not a sandwich girl, I just can't do it! I made this yummy Thai style chicken meatball salad this week and can recommend it. Super easy, fresh and oh so tasty. 

10 April 2016

What you need to know: When Booking a Beauty Appointment

Today I thought I would bring you something a little different - some tips on what you need to know when booking your next beauty appointment. Whether it be a beautician, nail artist or hairdresser, Sky from Livindigo is sharing her tips on how to get the most out of your appointment,  save money and how to shop around.

what you need to know before booking your next beauty appointment

Schedule a consultation

Take some time to meet with the stylist, especially if you have never worked with him or her before. If you are seeing a Hairdresser, take along a picture of the hairstyle you want, and make sure this stylist is the right fit for you.
Make sure you like the products the salon uses are products you like and if you have any allergies - check the ingredients.
 Also shop around and read reviews on Yelp or Livindigo

19 March 2016

My Trade Story: My Job in the Construction Industry

You may or may not know - but my fulltime job is as a joint business director for a roofing construction company. My business partner is my husband and we have a team of 12+ qualified trades who work for us. I didn't intend to work in the construction industry, it sort of just happened.

What it has shown me though, is that women's roles in the construction industry are sometimes overlooked and undervalued. We are often seen as 'the admin girls' or I am often told by customers that they want to speak to 'a man', when honestly, I know far more than they realise about metal and tile roofs. 

Over the last two years, it has been so wonderful to see a woman in the construction industry making waves and creating awareness for the roles us women do.  Nicole Cox, of The Builder's Wife has been named a 2015 HIA Business Partner of the year and this acknowledges her valuable input and success in the industry.

"There are so many opportunities for personal and professional growth within a small business, and particularly in the construction industry, a typically male dominated industry that is seeing real growth through female involvement. I hope to be able to use my 12 months with this title to help and inspire other business partners to grow within their businesses to reach their full potential." 
- Nicole Cox 

Isn't she fabulous! And today, Nicole is so kind to have asked me to share my trade story and my role as a woman in the construction industry.
  You can read about my story on The Builders Wife Blog.

Nicole's online presence on social media and in the blogging world is raising awareness about women in the construction industry - inspiring women to try a profession in the construction industry and showing you how you can knock down those glass ceilings. 

if you are a woman in the construction industry, then be sure to pop over and visit Nicoleon her blog and social media
The Builder's Wife

Have a fabulous weekend x
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1 March 2016

Destination: Port Douglas

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen alot of holiday spam in the last week.

I spent seven nights in Port Douglas, it was bliss.

35 degree days, sunny blue skies, palm trees swaying in the breeze. Perfect way to say farewell to Summer!

Here is a snapshot of my week.

3 February 2016

Beach Love: The beach makes you happier!

I came across this article today:

7 Reasons People Who Love The Beach Are The Happiest People To Be Around via Thought Catalog

Here is what it had to say...

1. They’re low maintenance. Beach-lovers are people who appreciate simple joys in life: beautiful views, the feel of the hot sun on their skin, a refreshing swim, an afternoon with friends. They are the happiest people to be around because it’s so easy to make them happy.

2. They crave adventure. People who love going to the beach aren’t the stay-home-and-Netflix every night type. They want to go out and do something active. They are happier because they remember that everyday life should be fun.

3. But they also know how to be laid back. All you have to do at the beach is lay in the sand and enjoy the sun. Beach-lovers know the true pleasure of leisure isn’t wasting a day in bed, it’s lounging somewhere beautiful that reminds you how blessed you are.

4. They can be happy on any budget. The beach is free!

5. They know how to leave work at the office. The beach is a great place to truly unplug from your life because screens don’t work that great in the sun so they usually stay tucked safely in your bag. A person who can stand to be unplugged from technology for a few hours is a much happier person than most people.

6. When you can handle things like sand creeping into your bathing bottoms,you’re the kind of person who can deal with the unpleasantries of life without letting it get you down. Beach people know that a little mess or uncomfortableness is nothing to get frustrated or annoyed about. They don’t let the little things take away from their happiness.

7. They know how to be grateful for the little things. There’s nothing fancy or trendy about a beach, it’s just beautiful, natural goodness. The happiest people are the ones who practice gratitude and being thankful for sitting in a pretty place once in awhile is a grateful way to live.

What do you think?
 Are you a beach lover?
 Do you resonate with these thoughts?
I had to laugh at number six. Yes the sand in the pants, we have all been there!

Happy Hum day peeps and fellow beach lovers x
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28 January 2016

Sunflower Fields + Sandy Toes

January always flies by doesn't it?
 I cannot believe February is just days away. That's when we get serious and start our new year resolutions right? January was just a practice run :P

January for me is always quick, there is a the public holidays at the start, then my Mums birthday, my birthday and then Australia Day. Lots of cake, celebrations and fun to be had. 

I have had a fun week, making the Australia Day public holiday a long weekend. We set off last Friday morning to South Ballina beach for four nights of camping. The days were spent driving on the beach, trying to find the ultimate fishing hole and casting a line. We didn't have much success fish wise, but we had alot of fun.

Here is a little snapshot of our camp setup and beach days...

5 January 2016

Best of 2015

Happy New Years friends and family!

It's my first blog post of twenty sixteen and I am excited!
 I thought I would bring you a fun post today - before I bring you the most beautiful reader's home on Friday as part of Feature Friday, as the first home tour for 2016 (you will love it, cannot wait to show you!). 

 Today, I wanted to share some of my readers favourites from 2015 with you. Thank you for supporting my blog and for always leaving the sweetest comments! I feel blessed to be able to share what I love here with you and I plan to share even more of what my readers love in 2016. So thank you again for visiting me and bring on 2016 - it is going to be a cracker, I can feel it!

 Here are the top 10 posts of 2015, as read by you (thank you!).



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