28 April 2016

The job of a Stylist

You know the beautiful photos you see on Instgram, whether its a flatlay of products, or a perfectly styled home. The ones that have you double tapping the photo with Instagram love before you can even blink? Often the people behind these perfectly orchestrated photos are Stylists

What is a Stylist?

The put together a look to be photographer or presented, whether it be:

- gathering a selection of products and props for a brand

- food styling for a cookbook or online media

- fashion and makeup 

- interior styling and homes 

It may be for a photoshoot, for a catalogue, a catwalk or a website.
There are many types of stylists and today I thought I would share with you four Instagram accounts I follow of talented stylists.

Bonnie Kay
Bonnie is a Melbourne based Stylist + Visual Merchandiser. Her Instagram feed is fun and colourful, like this recent photo using brands and props.

Emma Duckworth
Sydney based Emma styles, props, products, lifestyle and food. Emma loves to introduce naturally greenery into her looks and you will often see beautiful fresh blooms in her styling on her Instagram feed.

Tanika Blair 
I have admired Gold Coast based stylist and photographer Tanika's talent for quite some time. You may recognise her style if you lust over The Beach Furniture? Tanika puts all their looks together and photographs them for their website and social media. 

Kate Young 
Kate is a French Stylist, living in the UK. She specialises in interiors and nails every look. Here is a photo of her workspace she recently shared on Instagram. Stunning isn't it?

Had you ever wanted what the job of a Stylist was?
Are you already following some of these talented ladies on Instagram? Any more talent I need to know about and be following? Tag me on Instagram, my handle is GlamourCoastalLiving
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  1. Love all of these! You can't beat a great stylist to help show your product to it's full potential. Thank you for linking up with #HIT x

  2. There are some amazing stylists on Instagram. I try and do a flatlay and it never looks quite so good. I'll stick to styling people in clothes. :)

  3. These are all gorgeous! There's such skill in good styling, it's much harder than it looks (and I try hard, lol)

  4. Gorgeous styling! Some people have a real skill for styling, I dapple in it at home and know what can look nice in a photo (or perfect Instagram square!) but I'd need a lot more practice to do it professionally!

  5. Stylists make it all look so easy and chic but whenever I try it never quite looks as good!

  6. Yay. More talented creative people to follow on insta. Thanks Ashlea! Xx


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