10 May 2017

Oh babies! Double the love...

So it's taken a while for me to sit down and write this post. Finding the time to sit at a computer is a rarity these days!

But I wanted to share this overdue post...


Maveric Hudson
Tallow Harper

21st December 2016

Maveric Hudson
1820 grams
4 pounds
47 cm

Tallow Harper
1860 grmas
4 pounds
45 cm

 Its been just over four months that these two precious little boys have been earthside. What a beautiful journey its been. A whirlwind, a learning experience, but so rewarding. We are truly blessed to have two healthy boys.

These photos were taken when they were five weeks old, weighing around 2.4 kilos, just a week after they were released from their four week hospital stay.

I remember how tiny they were in my arms in these photos. The feeling of awe and amazement as I looked at what we had created. Still pinching myself that they were home, safe and healthy.

And now here we are, they are nearly five months old now. From five weeks to five months. Wow they have grown!

This is my favourite age.
They giggle endlessly.
They wake and greet me with a smile each morning.
They splash around in the bath, marvelling at the warmth of the water and laughing so loudly.
Their eyes follow me across the room, eagerly waiting for the next song to be sung. Loving it when I clap my hands and dance around.
The most simple things are all they want and need. 
They look at you as their world. It's the most incredible rewarding job.

Little crunches have started in an effort to sit up. Their abs are impressive with all that crunching. Soon they will be sitting and we will move onto the next phase of their growth. For now, I am enjoying still cradling my bubbas in my arms and enjoying the snuggles. I cannot believe how quickly time is flying and how fast they are growing!


  1. They're growing so fast! Congratulations again to you & your hub! These little boys are a delight to you both I can see! Denyse xx

  2. Congratulations! They are beautiful! I love the close ups of their little feet and hands! And I love the names you've chosen! :)


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