8 November 2013

After photos of the backyard transformation- it's nearly complete!!

It's been a busy couple of months with our renovation progress. We have been working on transforming the external of our home. You may have read my previous post where we were transforming our backyard to make it our sanctuary and a place to relax. Well, the works have continued!

We have now completed the ceiling over our deck. Until now the ceiling was an exposed roof structure and timber beams which you can see below. We were undecided whether to plaster the ceiling or use timber cladding. Well the timber cladding won, which you may have seen here on my Instagram post, so it now looks like this.

Before and after - the timber ceiling
Progress of the timber ceiling
 We also fitted custom made flashings to the perimeter of the roof structure, which aims to enclose the roof cavity, making it watertight and keeps crawly critters out. I could go on and on about it, but that's what my roofing blog is for, check out where I blog about all things 'roofing' here. Being a tradies wife, I call myself a 'tradie lady' as I blog about the roofing work we do for our business and the roof miracles we perform :P

We also ripped up the last of the bricks and laid turf. The bricks were the old path that led to the clothesline, which is long gone, as it took up most of the backyard!! I have been watering the turf like crazy and it is taking well thankfully, considering the hot weather we have had! You may have seen me posting about this on Instagram here (and whinging about the pain after digging up all those bricks!).

Last week we wired up the ceiling down lights, so now we can sit out on the deck and enjoy summer nights and BBQs. However there is still one more job to complete before the backyard transformation is complete - painting the timber ceiling.

The big decision that needs to be made is whether to paint it gloss white, white wash it or oil the timber. What's your opinion? I would love to know! I asked the question three months ago here on Instagram and am still contemplating it!

Installing the downlights in the ceiling
Once I have gotten over my indecisiveness and decided what to do with the ceiling, I shall post the 'oh my god the backyard is FINALLY complete after twelve months' photos!

An after photo  of the new turf - and Coopar who always seems to photo bomb me!

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  1. It's really coming along, isn't it. It looks great guys, well done! :)

    1. Thanks Lia - on the home stretch now!


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