22 August 2014

Feature Friday - Nina Proudman's Offspring Apartment

I am having Offspring withdrawals. I even woke the other night to be singing the theme song...Oh why, oh why, oh why wont you sing, bring your hips to me....If you are laughing right now, I would understand. I mean its only a tv show right? Right! Except that its hard not to connect with Nina, she is gorgeous, her wardrobe is stunning, she is incredibly awkward and all you want is for her to happy after the death of Patrick. 

So to help me with my withdrawals I jumped on Pinterest and typed in the name 'Nina Proudman'. Now I have serious wardrobe envy! Her staple wardrobe items seems to be denim, scarfs and boots and I love it. 

But what I was really looking for, was inspiration and shots of Nina's apartment on the set of Offspring. This is what I came across...

Don't you just love the industrial rustic look of the loft apartment?
It belongs to Melbourne artist Adriane Strampp.

 You can even shop the look here for Nina's bedroom, courtesy of Wee Birdy

I am hoping there will be another season (or several!) of Offspring.
Are you an Offspring fan?

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Have a great weekend!

Images courtesy of the Design Files and Home Life.

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