1 September 2014

The month of August

The month of August for me through the eyes of Instagram....

August flew past, I can't believe it is the first of Spring already!
Here is my snapshot of the month of August and my highlights...

♥ This month I dusted off the tools and found my DIY mojo once again. I tackled a few little projects around the house, plus we finally finished our kitchen renovation. Phewww...I can't wait to share it with you (stay tuned!). Did you see this post where we added some serious street appeal to the front of our house?
 ♥ The lovely Sally from Coastal Vintage was on Instagram, asking followers to share our coastal treasures, using the hashtag #allthingscoastalvintage
Sally featured on her Instagram page my side table that I recently painted and added some sisal rope handles to.  You can see the post here. It was so nice to be feautered and shared with the lovely Instagram community!
♥ I Indulged in lots of healthy, fresh food thanks to my neighbour's gorgeous vegetable garden and found my new favourite dessert recipe - this chunky pecan caramel fudge.
♥ Was lucky to tack on a few extra days to a work trip and had a camping getaway 
♥ Took a family holiday to the Pumicestone Passage and spent four days fishing and crabbing.
♥ Enjoyed writing Feature Friday posts and stepping inside someone else's home! If you missed it, I share Shelley Craft's home, Nina Proudman's Offspring apartment and a gorgeous country barn styled home.

I must admit though, I was counting down the last weeks of Winter. I am so looking forward to the warmer weather, being able to swim again and not having to wear so many layers of clothing (less washing I am thinking!!)

So here's to September, spring flowers, sunny warm days and smiles...
Happy first of Spring! 

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  1. Loving that side table. You did a great job on it. As for those homes, gorgeous!


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