24 November 2014

My bathroom renovation & the inspiration

Have you been following along here and on Instagram with my bathroom renovation progress? The most talked about room of my house? We have hit some hurdles along the way, but are on the home stretch now! 

As I type, the tiler is busy cutting tiles and grouting the floor tiles. The plumber is scheduled to come and install the toilet today (hurrah after two weeks!!).
We had a few little setbacks that have pushed the timeframe way out. We thought we would be enjoying our new bathroom by now! Firstly, the tapware we chose was on backorder and there was none available in SEQLD. The bathroom was already gutted and at this point we were waiting for the plumber to install the new plumbing and fixtures so the tiler could commence. We lost two days waiting for the tapware to arrive. We attempted plan B, Hubby drove to several tapware suppliers one day when I was at work. I received endless photos of tapware on my phone that day, but none measured up, so I thought we would wait it out for our ordered ones to arrive. I am glad I did though, as they are stunning. No regrets there!

The second delay was the weather. The tiler had done sealed the bathroom and completed one layer or waterproofing, then we were hit with 30+ degree days and extreme humidity and it wouldn't dry! I had large industrial fans running all day trying to help dry the waterproofing membrane quicker. So we lost a solid 48 hours there. We are back on track though now, hoping to have it complete by the end of the week. If you read my previous blog post about our coffin bath, you will understand my excitement to enjoy my first bath 'above ground!'

When designing the new bathroom, we wanted it to look timeless and also tie in with the kitchen and the rest of the house. Our interior walls are white and we have gorgeous spotted gum timber floors throughout the home. We wanted to choose a colour scheme that was neutral and would complement these features, so we went with a Carrara look marble tile to match the kitchen benchtops. We are teaming this with a concrete look grey tile. I am hoping it looks fabulous! I have splurged a little with the tapware, but bargained with the vanity and bath and saved some serious dollars there - so we should be on track with the budget overall. 

Here are the images that inspired the bathroom design...


A busy week ahead, I cannot wait to spring clean the house and then get ready for the next project - Christmas decorating!! When do you usually put your Christmas tree up? It has always been the 1st of December for us. Stay posted for more bathroom renovation progress and updates!

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  1. While the delays were annoying, at least it wasn't due to your tradespeople messing things up. You're right that some fixtures are unavailable sometimes, so there's really nothing you can do other than look elsewhere. Too bad that didn't solve it, but still, you guys have what you want by now, and that's all that matters. Thanks for sharing!

    Laverne Knight @ Midland Mechanical


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