18 November 2014

Our bathroom renovation - the most talked about room of our house!

Have you been wondering where I have been all week? Haven't seen a blog post in a while? You may have been following over on Instagram that we are currently renovating our bathroom. For those lucky enough to have two bathrooms in their house, renovating a bathroom is probably no big deal. But for us, this is our one and only bathroom which means its a long two week renovation project...

We kicked off last Tuesday and started the demolition, and with a few setbacks (isn't that what renovations are all about?!) we are currently up to water proofing. The tiling is expected to kick off from there tomorrow and then we are on the home stretch and hopefully will be able to shower and toilet by the weekend. It is a project we have wanted to do since we bought the house two years ago, but have procrastinated on a little, knowing having no bathroom isn't easy. We decided to wait until the weather was warmer so we could shower in the pool each day. On a plus note, its great the pool has been getting lots of use!!

Our bathroom is one of the most talked about rooms of our house. Not because its beautiful, spacious or dazzling. No, none of those. Its the bath that attracts all of the attention. Here's why...

No its not your eyes fooling you or an optical illusion. The bath is in fact mounted into the ground. I often joke that as the house was built in the 1980's, sunken lounge rooms and similar features were quite trendy at the time. I think this was the inspiration for the sunken bath. I can't say that I am a fan of feeling like a corpse lying in a coffin in the ground. The view when laying in there is of the floor tiles and you feel like the weight of the water and yourself in the bath is about to give from from under you and you are about to fall through the floor into the garage below. It is quite an experience and one that I am not fond off. A new bath is definitely one of the most exciting parts about this bathroom renovation. 

So this is what the bathroom looks like. A room tour will reveal:
- the talked about famous sunken bath
- a water logged chipboard vanity
- a very small shower, which makes shaving your legs near impossible

It is a room that needed some love and revival. 

BEFORE - a very unexciting room
BEFORE - a water logged chipboard vanity

Along with the main bathroom, we decided whilst we had a tiler here to renovate the separate toilet room and laundry. The only sink and running water we therefore have in the house is the kitchen sink. Its quite amusing to be brushing your teeth, washing your face and scrubbing pots and pans all in one place. Currently the kitchen is getting alot of action! If you are thinking about renovating, be prepared for dust, lots of mess and random household items strewn across all surfaces. There is evidence of this below - with my laundry out of action, you will find my washing machine on the back deck and the contents of the linen cupboard across the loungeroom floor. Mixed in between that are random tools of the trades, some mess and more dust, all topped off with dirty drop sheets. It really is a sight!!

REALITY - this is what your home looks like when you are renovating. A mess! There is random household items strewn across all surfaces, furniture and washing machines which now reside outside...

But more excitingly, here is some of the progress so far in the bathroom and toilet...

PROGRESS - The new bath, mounted ABOVE the ground. 

PROGRESS - the location of the shower

PROGRESS - The vanity will fit in here, inbetween the bath and shower
PROGRESS - The demolition of the toilet

We have decided to keep the existing layout of the bathroom the same and just update it with some new features. I was adamant that I wanted recessed bathroom shelves alongside the bath and one in the shower. No more daggy shower caddy in the bathroom - yay! Another key element I wanted was a wall hung vanity to give the illusion of more space. I can't wait for it to be finished and to style it beautifully and share it with you all.  Firstly though, I feel like I need to give you a sneak peak at the inspiration behind the design and plan of my bathroom renovation - it was Michael and Carlene's ensuite from The Block Glasshouse 2014. I loved the simplicity of it and the use of the raw materials of the marble and timber look. Stay posted for the bathroom reveal!

Have you ever done a bathroom renovation?
 Tell me, was your bathroom as bad as mine? 

Please say yes! 

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  1. Oh, how exciting, I cant wait to see it finished. That bath tub was a little wierd. There are so many crazy things that came out of the eighties, lol!!!
    It wont be long & all of the inconveniance & mess will be just a memory.

    1. Thanks Trish, yes lots of wonderful things from the 80's! Thankfully this bath is no longer one of them. We coincidentally had a council rubbish pickup out on the street kerbside this week and the bath was the first thing picked up! I am glad it will be rehomed and loved now hehe x

  2. Haha corpse bath.... Sounds umm fun. I can't wait to see your bathroom after photo. if anything like your kitchen it will be stunning!!

    1. Thanks Leanne, its a slow process and the humidity we have had here on the GC this week hasn't helped the process as the waterproofing and grout is taking longer to set. Hopefully we will have a bathroom by early next week - stay posted :) x

  3. Bathtub IN the floor - yup, you win!

    Cheers, Col

    1. We coincidentally had a council rubbish pickup out on the street kerbside this week and the bath was the first thing picked up! I am glad it will be rehomed and loved now hehe

  4. Bathroom renovation is good idea because in market many types of bathroom vanities are available so renovate your bathroom and enjoy bath.

  5. I totally cracked up at your "I can't say that I am a fan of feeling like a corpse lying in a coffin in the ground" comment...

    1. We coincidentally had a council rubbish pickup out on the street kerbside this week and the bath was the first thing picked up! I am glad it will be rehomed and loved now . Hopefully someone else will get to enjoy the corpse like feel :P

  6. How exciting Ashlea!! It is going to look amazing and be totally worth all those times you had to feel like a corpse. Glad I am not the only one who has to deal with severe renovation mess, doesn't it suck? Not a fan!

    1. Oh yes...I am actually looking forward to the massive spring clean we will be having next week! I just want my house back. Loved your new toilet wall btw, what a clever cookie you are :)


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