22 July 2015

Hawaii is calling my name


I am escaping this winter weather.
Flying to Hawaii next month - on a spontaneous trip!
I have booked flights.
I have not booked accommodation.
I am so damn excited for hot summer days!

I have not been to Hawaii before and I thought I would put the call out there - any top tips? 
Places to see/do/experience? 
I would love to know, please leave me a comment below!

Here is what I have roughly planned so far:

++ I fly into Honolulu and get a domestic flight straight to Maui. I am planning on spending 5 nights on the west coast (Kaanapali) and hiring a car to see the amazing Hana coastal drive and Haleakala crater.

++ Then back to Oahu for 8 nights. I was thinking of splitting my time between the north shore to experience a slower pace and also some time in Waikiki to do the touristy shopping, Diamond Head and more.

Have you any top tips for me? Do share!

EEEK I cannot wait to feel the sun on my face and sand between my toes, it truly feels like it has been the longest winter ever!!

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Images via Qantas

1 comment :

  1. Oh wow Ashlea, Hawaii, how amazing. It will be fabulous! I'm afraid I don't have any tips, having never been there, but maybe before you go you should watch that George Clooney film 'The Descendants' which is set in Hawaii. Hawaii + George Clooney = win! x


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