29 September 2015

Day Trip: The Farm At Byron Bay

Have you heard of The Farm At Byron Bay

Or maybe you have been lucky enough to go there yourself? 
It's a farm located at Ewingsdale on the fringe of Byron that grows its own produce, serving it in its amazing restaurant, whilst educating and entraining you with the delights of the animals and produce they grow. Its a fabulous place to visit for all ages, I guarantee you the kids will love it. 

I was very lucky to grow up in Byron. It's even my place of birth! I was one of the last babies born in the maternity ward there before it closed. I told my Mum I was thinking of day tripping to Byron for lunch one day (it is a mere 45 minute zip down the highway from me) to visit The Farm. I hadn't been and thought it would be a nice way to enjoy the spring sunshine and try some locally grown and sourced food (I am a massive foodie!). 
A perfect date day for Hubby & I!

When I told my Mum a look of nostalgia came across her face. She smiled, turned to me and said 'Oh I remember the old farm that used to be there very well...you see I was in labour with you and as we came zooming down the hill at St Helena, from Bangalow to the Byron Hospital...hurriedly trying to make the hospital so I could give birth to you. I can remember clear as day holding onto the car door as we screeched around the corner, all I could see out the window was the farm and all the gladiolas they grew. You see it used to be a flower farm.'

I smiled. 
You see, often parents have those moments when in labour that words they hear stick. Like the word Gladiola. I could have been called Gladiola, or Gladdy for short. Lucky enough when I was born I had ashy blonde hair, so I was called Ashlea. I much prefer Ash than Gladdy!

So of we set the next day, to visit The Farm at Byron Bay. 
We didn't know what to expect as we had heard many take their own picnic blankets, or you have the option to dine at the restaurant or just wander the fields with a coffee in hand. We took a picnic basket and blanket just in case, as the day was so sunny and lazing in the grassy fields sounding to lovely.

Packing the car for our day out was a breeze thanks to my Ford Kuga MKII hands free tailgate that opens and then closes with the swipe of your foot at the cars bumper. You literally swipe your foot under the tailgate and voilĂ  - it is amazing, especially when you have your arms full! You can even then adjust the height of the tailgate, so great for tall people like me.

The drive is so scenic from the Gold Coast to Byron with rolling cane fields, mountains and glimpses of the ocean. I love it. 
Before we knew it we had pulled into the car park at The Farm and were so excited to get stuck into some farm fresh produce - there is something about road trips, they make me so damn hungry! Do you always get the munchies too?

We enjoyed the most mouthwatering meal at Three Blue Ducks restaurant - I had the crispy skinned snapper and Hubby had a coconut vegetarian curry. Delicious and so fresh! 

Whilst eating our meal I couldn't help but let my eye wander across the fields to the most adorable cows, I had never seen anything like them, they had the most cutest fluffiest curly fur across their head and front and looked so playful.
After lunch we wandered the fields, there were pigs, cows, chickens, nut trees, vegetables and so much to see! Here are some snaps of our wanderings across the farm fields.

I loved seeing all of the animals at The Farm, the cows being my favourite. Don't you think they look so cute?

I couldn't leave without taking a bathroom snap!
The walls were gorgeous recycled hardwood timbers, the sink was a big trough and they had external plumbing with this outdoor tap. I loved it all! 
The toilets also had these cute farm figures on the doors.

If you are in the area, there are great school holiday programs too at The Farm, you can see them here - cooking classes, harvesting produce and pony rides, what fun! There were many kids running around and having a ball.

A day trip to Byron isn't complete without a drive through the main street for ice cream and a loop along the beaches to the lighthouse. Cape Byron is the most easterly point of Australia, did you know that? I had to get a quick photo of the Ford Kuga MKII looking flash!

 We then took the long way home, winding along St Helena road to get back to the highway. A trip to Byron is always a bit nostalgic as it's the place I grew up and also married Nathan. We took the chance to stop and admire the view of the rolling hills overlooking the beaches and lighthouse - a spot where we had our wedding photos taken four years ago. We married by Wategos Beach and I wanted some rustic farm shots of rolling hills and old timber fences. The photos did turn out incredible and it was so nice to go back years later and reminisce on that amazing day.

We were home from our day trip to Byron in no time at all, thanks to the adaptive cruise control feature. When you engage cruise control, the Ford Kuga MKII 'reads' the traffic ahead and manages your speed and braking to suit. We chatted the whole way home and before we knew it had pulled up into the driveway. I am truly falling in love with this car, I don't know how I am going to ever give it back!


This post is part of the #FordThinking Kidspot Voices of 2015 Challenge. I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to drive and adventure in the brand spanking new Ford Kuga MKII for six weeks. I am loving it! You can follow my adventures on Instagram too @glamourcoastalliving 
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  1. Thank you for the peek into The Farm I've been wanting to go and it's on our list for the big road trip we have planned at Christmas. Loved hearing more about your background too. x

    1. Thanks Vicki :) A trip sounds like a fun adventure for Christmas - you have a busy few months ahead I imagine with the big move and some exciting renovations! woo hoo x

  2. I love Byron and have always wanted to visit The Farm. Thanks for sharing your day and making my mouth water with your meal, yum!

    1. No worries Karin - the kids will love it! There is a great playground and tractor to play on and the animals are so freaking adorable! Did you see the photo of the black pigs? They just laid in the dirt and snorted, so cute! x

  3. What a stunning place! I have only been to Byron once, a day trip on my honeymoon. It was pouring! Love to go back one day!

  4. Looks fabulous. We are in Brisbane and I would love a weekend away there.

  5. Oh how cute are the toilet farm figures! That place looks amazing. I want to go to Byron one day, I'm putting this on my list to visit if we do ever get there {we're in QLD so its a bit more than 45mins lol}.

  6. This day trip has been on my list for a while now and we just haven't had the time, can't wait to go!


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