6 October 2015

Behind the Scenes: Glamour Coastal Living Dreamcatchers

 Glamour Coastal Living Dreamcatcher hanging pretty in Byron Bay - source
My Nanna was a very creative and talented lady - she was a fabulous dancer, could sing, play the piano, make tapestries, paint, sew and of course crochet. I remember as a little girl, watching her in the evening create these tiny loops and knots to make doileys. I was always in awe of her talents - seriously, how can one lady be such a creative guru?!

I love the work that goes into the doileys, each one so unique and individual. Unfortunately doileys and this special hand stitching is something that we don't see being made any more, the techniques and talents not passed down through generations as it once was.

My admiration for doiley making and the skills that go into it still captivate me and I have always collected doileys and had that fascination. It was a natural progression for me to incorporate them into a creative outlet that I love doing - dream catcher making.

Thanks to my Nanna's inspiration from her creative passions and doiley making, I have been hand making dreamcatchers for the last twelve months, you may have seen them available through my online store and I thought I would share some insight into them with today.

Each dreamcatcher I make is unique, no two are the same.

I buy all of my doileys from op shops and vintage stores, loving that they all have a history and a story to tell. All uniquely stitched and made by ladies just like my Nanna. Family and friends also join in on the hunt - my Mum always making a beeline for an op shop if she sees one, often surprising me with beautiful stitched doileys. I too have been so lucky to have been gifted doileys from family, in particular my Husband's great aunt who posted me a beautiful bundle one day out of the blue. I was so touched!

Next, I always hand wash them with a laundry liquid and apply stain remover if needed. They are then laid to dry, then pressed if needed before I sit down and visualise what I will create with that particular doiley. 

Using soft leathers, wooden beads, shells, different types of feathers, cotton fabrics and wool to create my dreamcatchers, I love that they are all one off and no two are the same. With each doiley so different, it is the doiley that dictates the design of each dreamcatcher. Whether white cottons will match that particular doiley or if soft leather and feathers are a better fit.

Working full time, running my Husband & my Construction Comapny keeps me very busy and I joke that after talking about blokey work things all day, I need a little downtime - connect with my feminine side and that's where the dreamcatcher making started. I enjoy my evenings where I can sit down and be creative, letting my hands do all the work, which is a comparison to my day job, where it is my brain and it is working overtime!

For me dreamcatcher making is pure passion and love -  and by purchasing handmade you have made an impact on me, reinforcing that you have to embrace your creative talents and interests.

So I sincerely thank you if you have made a purchase from me - each time I receive an order there sis so much excitement and butterflies, I always trust that you will love it as much as the love that was put into making it!

Tell me about it, I would love to hear more from you!

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart for being a part of Glamour Coastal Living, reading my posts and supporting my dreamcatcher making!

PS: I have started taking Christmas orders, so if there is something you want made for a special someone lets chat! I would love to make a one off creation for you. Send me an email or contact me via facebook!

Have a a great week lovelies x

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  1. Your work is stunning. Keep up the great work.xo

    1. Thank you so much Yvette, you are so kind xx

  2. Oh they are really gorgeous. I crochet, but haven't tried my hand at a doiley yet. Might have to do that.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I would love to be that talented to be able to make my own, maybe one day! x

  3. So beautiful, I love the idea of using a doily for the centre. x

    1. Thank you so much Bron - me too! I love the vintage feel and to know that you are being able to 'upcycle' the doilies into something beautiful x

  4. I absolutely adore your dreamcatchers Ashlea! I am going to have to check out your store. I can see the love and devotion in each and every one of them. I am also a big fan of doilies :-)

    1. Oh Min, your words are so sweet - thank you! You are too kind xx

  5. These are beautiful! I wonder how hard it would be to actually make doilies? I would love to try.

    1. I think it would require alot of patience! I too would love to try, but I think you need to have some natural sewing talent first (which I don't have!) x

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Eva, you are so kind and thank you for sharing on your facebook xx

  7. These are simply stunning! Such a wonderful way to recycle handmade memories and weave them into new and beautiful creations. I really love them. Thanks for linking with #TeamIBOT:-)

  8. I dont normally like dream catchers all that much but these are just stunning!!


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