14 October 2015

Making your own rustic Flower Bouquet

I love weddings and once wanted to be a wedding planner/stylist, it is something that always captivated me. 

My gorgeous cousin is getting married next month and I love catching up on her wedding plans and preparations. When we last spoke, she said that she will be making her own bouquet which I think is fabulous. She has planned a trip to the Sydney Flower Market which will be exciting, but to some a little overwhelming. I thought today I would share with you some beautiful rustic DIY bouquets and some tips on where to start if you think you might want to make a flower bouquet. 
|| What is in season ||

Do your research and know what is in season. It will give you realistic expectations of what you will see and be able to buy. We all have dreams of beautiful flowers on our big day, but realistically that particular flower you have been lusting over may not grow all year round. There are some great guides here and here showing you what is in season.

|| Buying the flowers ||

It is always best to go direct to the grower or purchase flowers from a Flower/Farmer Market. Not only will you save heals of money, but you will be buying them fresh.

I came across this post by Jess from A Little Part Of The World and thought I would share it with you all. Jess recently visited the Sydney flower markets and shares some great tips and some beautiful photos - she has an incredible eye for detail. What I took away from Jess's post on buying flowers was these three tips:

+ Shop around - prices can vary 
+ Keep cash easily on hand
+ Research what is in season, so you don't waste time looking for a flower that wont be available

|| Making the Bouquet ||

This is the fun part!
You will need:
+ flowers that ideally should be about twice the size of the bouquet you wish to create
florist tape to bind and wrap the stems together to secure them
+ a beautiful ribbon, sisal jute or something pretty to cover the tape
+ a pin or something to secure the ribbon or similar covering
+ scissors to cut the flower ends and ribbon covering

You can purchase florist supplies and accessories in most craft stores, like Lincraft and Soptlight.

Firstly, lay the flowers flat on a surface grouped in their types. Choose a flower (or a combination) to be the focus and middle of the bouquet, then start adding the other flowers around it. Add smaller flowers and foliage between the flowers to add depth and texture. Once you have reached your desired shape and look, trim and ends and wrap the florist tape around it, which will secure it. Then add your ribbon or similar to cover and pretty it up!

I love the idea of it and truly, it doesn't require any super talents. You just have to have fun and get creative. 

Are you attending any upcoming weddings? Are you a fan of weddings too? There is always such a fun loved up vibe, drinks flowing, great music and (usually) good food. What's not to love?!

Happy Hump Day lovelies x
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