19 January 2016

My Home: Laundry Renovation Reveal

Dirty stuff. A great idea. Can take longer than expected. Lots of dust. Lots of homeless items living temporarily where they shouldn't. Excitement. Anticipation. Hurdles. 
But well worth it in the end!

Especially when washing dirty clothes turns into an enjoyable experience!
 I love doing laundry in my new laundry room. It's pretty, has nice tapwear, lots of storage and hs a great view of the sunny backyard. Yep I am digging my laundry. That is now it looks like THIS. 

The 'before' laundry was not so pretty. Daggy brown tiles, a rusted sink, limited storage and just not so pretty!


You might remember my bathroom renovation we did a little over 12 months ago? I had my timeframe expectation so wrong. I had been watching waaay too much of The Block (don't we all?!) and thought a bathroom might take you know, a week...and that I would go without a shower and toilet for the week (try 2.5 weeks!). Well part of the reason that our bathroom reno took so long was that we did our laundry renovation at the same time. 

You see we thought it would be money saving and more efficient to tackle the two rooms at once. We thought we would save on:
- labour, only having to have the tiler come out for one project
- skip bin costs, only having to hire one for all the waste
- our sanity, as once this room was complete our home renovations would be DONE (phew!).

Well it was all that, which was great. But what it did mean was that it took longer. There was two large rooms to waterproof and tile and although we were able to work on one room whilst the other was drying and setting, little hiccups popped up along the way as they do. 

Overall though, it was well worth tackling the two rooms at one. For my sanity's sake of course. I couldn't go through all the after reno clean up and dusting to then months later do it al again. We have done it too many times.
 I was only going through it once more.

BEFORE - dark brown tiles, a poky tile splashback and a rusted sink

THE DURING - Renovations are not fun! The contents of my laundry sat out on my back deck for weeks. My linen cupboard also was strewn across the living room. Fun times!

AFTER: The laundry now - new overhead cupboards, a new benchtop and more space by moving the washing machine over against the wall. You have no idea how fun it was to arrange of the cleaning products into the cupboards...yes fun!

So what did we do?

The old brown floor tiles were removed, including inside the cupboards.

We had a plumber move the washing machine tap outlets across to the right further, this allowed the washing machine to be pushed right up against the wall, creating more space and the ability to have a benchtop (squel!).

We bought a DIY cupboard kit from Masters and built the laundry vanity and the overhead cupboard for ultimate storage.

We luckily enough had an offcut of kitchen benchtop from our kitchen renovation that we were able to use as the laundry benchtop. We simply cut it to fit and then cut the hole to install a sunken round sink.

We then installed a white glass splashback to match the kitchen splashback. I like that the kitchen and laundry match and its a seamless transition in the two rooms - with the bathroom also tying in with the white, marble and grey look.

I let Hubby pick the tapware in this room, since I chose in the bathroom. He chose a fixed wall plate with a mixer tap, it ties in with the bathroom wall tap which is fab. He also chose the washing machine taps which look a little nautical and as he has a boat and is an avid fisherman it showed a little personality which I love.

We hired a tiler and a plumber to look after the serious parts and then did the fitout and cupboard installation ourself to save our dollars.

AFTER - the benchhtop is an offcut from when we did our kitchen renovation and we also installed the same white glass splashback for continuity throughout the home. The laundry, bathroom and kitchen all have a similar colour palette and create continuity throughout the home.

AFTER - the timber floors, concrete look tiles and a stubborn pooch!

Mr Coopar is very stubborn and refused to move to let me finish taking photos. He wanted my attention and he got it! Do you too have a stubborn photo bombing pooch? I wish he would just look up and give me a smile, instead he knows I am trying to snap a photo and refuses to look up!

And that ladies and gentleman is the last of the internal rooms to renovate and basically the last renovation project on the list. It feels good to have tackled the house renovations and now to simply enjoy it, but it does leave you with itchy feet in a way. Do you know what I mean? Have you renovated and the had the desire to keep going?

I think our next home will be a renovation project. Initially I thought no, but now after seeing what you can do and how you can change something so 70's dated and daggy into modern, it is rewarding and a little addictive.

 Tell me, have you renovated before?
 Can you relate to the endless dust that seems to fall on every surface?
 What do you think of my end result? 

My dream laundry would have drawers as laundry hampers and one of those pull out of a cupboard ironing boards that you just slide back in to put away. I think I would iron if it wasn't such a hassle dragging and setting up the ironing board. That will have to be the next house though - this laundry reno was just to modernise and create more functionality, which id definitely did. I love it!

Leave me a comment below, I'd love to know your thoughts.

Here are a few last snaps of my kitchen and bathroom so you can see how the three rooms all tie in together - see the same benchtops and glass splashback in the kitchen and laundry?

if you want to see more of the home DIY renovations we have done, head here.

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  1. Oh wow! I admire people who can have a vision and bring it to life in a reno. Well done!

    1. Thanks Leanne, I am chuffed with how it all turned out! :) x

  2. Looks great. We haven't renovated before. We are about to commence building though. Love the bench tops. I am thinking of using the same in our laundry.

    1. I am eagerly awaiting your build Fleur :) Cannot wait to see how it will all come together and your style! I love the carrara marble look, very timeless and hopefully I wont get sick of it! x

  3. Looks great Ashlea! I love the continuity between all the wet rooms. We've been building for 5+ years (builders own home lol) and I can't wait to have rooms without odd things in them; my family room has two ovens and plopped in front of the tv! And not not have any more dust....still dreaming! Congrats of finishing your Reno. Enjoy!!!!

    1. Had to giggle - it is funny how random household items take up residence in odd places and tend to stay there for awhile! two ovens wow! :P
      The dust gets to you doesn't it...even months later! Thanks for reading and your kind words x

  4. Your new laundry is lovely Ashlea. I have "laundry envy" as mine is in dire need of a makeover. I've renovated before, so I know it always takes longer and costs more than you think it will!

  5. It looks so much brighter and more welcoming! Makes me wish I could do ours...

  6. That looks great! We've got lovely brown tiles in our laundry too. Our house sports a lot of brown

  7. Oh your laundry looks so pwetty!!!! I love how the marble tones are through out your house - lovely! Makes the dreary washing chore a joy - kind of. haha! Love looking at your renos - love from another impatient Block fan haha xx

  8. Love the marble top and looks so light and bright!

  9. A great improvement! The hubster also renovated our laundry recently, so I feel your pain about doing the washing out on our patio. The end result was worth it though. Even though we are in a less than 10 years old house, he has made it much more usable and a pleasure to use! Pics here: http://www.middleagedmama.com.au/laundry-renovation/. Oh, and visiting from #teamIBOT! x

  10. Gorgeous Ashlea, well done to you it looks great and all ties in beautifully. I'm still waiting on our bathroom laundry to be completed, the tiles are in but the first cabinet maker messed up on all the cupboards so am now waiting for another one to fix everything. I thought our reno would be fairly quick but we are now nearly 5 months in. I totally understand about the dust and clean up. Hopefully we will be all finished in 4 weeks and then I can start revealling to - that's the fun part isn't it!!

  11. Ashlea I am so envious of your bench space in your laundry. I don't have any so it's one thing I'd like to try and incorporate into our laundry. I love everything! Well done on all the beautiful work. But it can be messy and displacing for a few weeks can't it. But it's all worth it in the end.

  12. This is all kinds of awesome Ashlea, I LOVE the bench top. I really like how all the 'wet' spaces in the house match. Thanks for linking up with #HIT

  13. Looks fantastic, well done! We once did a bathroom/laundry reno at the same time (only bathroom and I was 37+ weeks pregnant)... very messy and always takes longer than expected, but so worth it in the end :)

  14. What a gorgeous space you have created! I love the marble bench top and sink - perfect for a small space. (visiting via #HIT)

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