9 March 2016

Changing your home with the season

So what has been happening in my neck of the woods?
I have been playing catch up at work, after taking a week off to holiday in Port Douglas, I have been spending up at Target buying a few new home decor pieces and I have used my slow cooker this week (first time since last winter!). Yep Autumn must be here! 

As much as I love salads and fresh summer cooking I am a complete sucker for a steamy hot bowl of homemade casserole or something tasty. It has been so rainy here on the Gold Coast and I misjudged the rain for cold autumn temperatures yesterday, which it definitely wasn't. We had a hot beef casserole for dinner and nearly needed to turn the aircon on hehe.
 It is still hot and sticky here with temperatures nearly hitting 30 degrees each day.

I can feel though that there is a change in the air... 
The sun is rising later each morning.
The morning has a slight chill in the shade (that is until about 7am, then you are dripping in humidity!) 
I am starting to wake a little later each day (around 5:30am instead of 4:30am in summer) which is nice.

I love the change of season, it is the perfect opportunity to freshen up all aspects of your life - your home, your goals and personal relationships. 

I had the cleaning bug the other day, cleaning all the white venetians and dusting the skirting boards. Next I am hitting the linen cupboard. I find with a change in season I have to move linen and doonas around, vacuum seal things that wont be used for a few months and save some valuable linen cupboard space. There never seems to be enough room in a linen cupboard right?!

In my home I have made a few autumn changes, I thought I would share those with you today. 
I love changing things around each season! Summer is usually an excuse to drag out all the bright coloured cushions and blankets. Autumn and winter I drag out the chunky knitted throws and darker shades in cushions. I sometimes change the lighting around too - I move lamps around for better lighting as the sun also is changing direction in my living space.

my tips on changing your home with the 

change in season

I am not saying rush out and buy new decor, rugs or lights. You can use what you have already - I am known to rotate my cushion covers for new looks. An inexpensive way to freshen a room each season!

Start with your flooring. I remove the rug from my living room floor in summer to expose the bare timber and make the floor underfoot feel cooler. I bought a new rug in Target this week for my living space, I had wanted a jute rug and loved the colour of this dark navy. Its a steal for only $39. My four legged friend Coopar loves having a more snuggly place to lay now the nights are getting cooler. If you are looking for a space to store your floor mat in between seasons, consider rolling it up tightly and either storing it standing in a cupboard or even under a bed. 

Change your wall art around. I often move prints and frames from one room to another. Perhaps you have a room with minimal natural light in winter? Add a bright print from another room to liven it up. Then shift it around next season. 

Chain stores make cushions an affordable decorating piece. They are an easy and foolproof way to add some colour or texture to a room. I have around 10 different cushion covers that I use for my living space and bedrooms. I simply wash the covers and store them when not in use and then bring them back out next season. Hubby often thinks I have been at the shops, but often the cushion cover has been MIA for a few months and is just making a reappearance! 

Throw rugs
As it is getting chillier in the evenings, add a throw rug or faux fur to your lounge or bed and it immediately adds a little warmth and texture. Buy neutral colours so they wont date and you will have throw rugs for many more cooler seasons to come.

Indoor plants
Indoor plants will vary on how much TLC they need. My fiddle leaf fig has been thriving in the bathroom this summer, I think it is enjoying the moisture and cooler temperatures. Now that Autumn is here and the temperatures will start dropping, I may need to look at moving my fiddle leaf to a warmer part of the house like my living or kitchen area. With the change of season, just be concious of your indoor plants as some varieties will need to change their indoor location to keep growing healthily!

I hope this has been some food for thought - I would love you to think of each season as a fresh start and make some changes in your home to reflect this.

Are you a cushion collector too and tend to rotate them around the house?
 Do share what you do differently in your home each season, I would love to know!
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