29 March 2016

Three Birds Reno - renovating for profit

What do you think about renovating for profit?

 A gamble isn't it, a hard gig?
There are three Mums that are making it looks easy and are raking in some serious dollars, renovating Sydney homes as a team.
You have have heard of Three Bird Renovations?

Three Birds Renovations sum themselves up as...

..."Best friends and busy mums, we walked away from our corporate careers in pursuit of a more fulfilling life. Together we created Three Birds Renovations – a boutique renovation company where we buy, renovate and sell suburban homes."

These ladies are kicking some serious goals as a team and are making us all drool over their style and renovations. When I shared a before and after photo of The Birds latest project on facebook you all went ballistic. You loved it and wanted to see more - we all did!

So today I am sharing the before and after photos of not one, but the four renovation projects these ladies have completed recently. 
I think you will be able to work out which are the before and then the after photos - no captions needed:P
house 1.
Inhabited by a hoarder, with floor to ceiling junk taking up most rooms, they removed most of the walls and were able to save the original floorboards. They laid down loads of green turf with a white (not-quite-picket) fence and built a basic timber deck to add much needed colour and texture to the bleak landscape.

Purchased $808k | Sept ’14
Sold $1.055m | Nov ‘14
Reno $90k | 6 weeks

More info and photos from HERE

The aim was to give this house a fresh Hamptons vibe and the top five changes  made were:
 1) built a luxury master suite 2) created alfresco living 3) moved the laundry 4) relocated the 4th bedroom 5) painted everything!

Purchased $975k | Jan ’15 
Sold $1.32m | Mar ’15
Reno $115k | 6 Weeks

More info and photos from HERE

With a purchase price of $1.3m, it was the most money to risk for The Three Bird Team.  They needed to increase the value of the home by at least $350k in 7 weeks to make it worthwhile. It was a transformation of a dungeon-like lower level (no exaggeration) into a light, bright living zone, connecting it to the upstairs with a huge void which proved a game-changer in adding value to the property.  It's definitely their biggest transformation yet. 

Purchased $1.3m | Jul '15
Sold $1.675m | Sep '15
Reno $160k | 7 weeks

More info and photos from HERE

The ladies are literally still recovering and wiping the sweat from their brows with this one. The reno has just finished and the after photos have been published as this home is on the market.

There are no stats to show, as the house is currently on the market and will go to Auction on the 9th April. See the real estate listing here.

More info and photos from HERE

 Have you ever renovated for profit? They make it look easy don't they!
Which project is your favourite? What do you think of their style - whites, greys, light timber and greenery? I am a fan!

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  1. They do make it look easy don't they?! And some of those houses are just unrecognisable! I wish they'd come and renovate my place - I love their style!

    1. I'll see if I can arrange to send them around to your place next - I hear they are looking for another project. Maybe they will do it pro bono for some blog coverage :P Worth an ask!

  2. Wow, that's amazing! What a huge difference! I'm very impressed!

  3. That is amazing! Can they do my place? Lol! I love the seat under the stairs in that last photo. The only thing I'd baulk at is those open showers, all I can think about is how much water my girls would get everywhere if I let them loose in it, lol!

    1. Haha have to laugh at the open showers - yes I agree. Looks great in photos having minimal glass and open space. Your bath mat would be no stop saturated though!!

  4. Inspired by this..and what wonderful transformations. I am guessing all are Sydney real estate examples... Well-done! Denyse

    1. Yes all Sydney homes - I guess to make it easy for them, having families as well as these mammoth projects!

  5. Love their work - and they are so quick too! My fave is the Hamptons style house. The actual house is a lot like my sister's, just shows what you can do.

  6. OMGAAAAAWD! This is like porn to me!!! This is gorgeous!! To have that vision is such a gift. Congratulations ladies! What a rewarding job - very very impressed :) Nice one Ashlea xx

    1. I know - house porn :P Incredible drive and talent and to have a vision and follow through with it. I am looking forward to seeing what they achieve with house number four which is going to auction very soon!

  7. Bloody hell those women are amazing. I would not have any idea where to start but damn they are inspiring and have me wanting to play. Nothing like a good before and after to add to the temptation. xx


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