10 June 2016

Feature Friday: a Hamptons Kitchen

Welcome back for another Feature Friday post, if you are new around here, each Friday I love to take you on tour through real homes, celebrity homes and homes that we can only all dream about. Today is no different!

Have you ever thought of renovating your kitchen to a dreamy Hamptons style?
 Meet Danni - today she will be inspiring us all with her newly renovated Hampton's kitchen and sharing some of her design and renovation tips. The stunningly stylish Danni, who is an Interior Stylist has turned a dull and lifeless kitchen into something so beautiful, I know I could spend hours in there - running your hands along the stunning cabinetry, subway tiles and admiring the marble look features. It is breathtakingly beautiful and also recently featured in Queensland Kitchen + Bathroom Magazine!

Danni has recently purchased a home with 'good bones' as we say on Queensland's Sunshine Coast - with huge grounds, hardwood floors, high ceilings and an unbeatable location. Her kitchen renovation is one of many projects she will be tackling as she maker her new house her dream home.

Today we are so lucky to see an insight into Danni's home, life and of course admire her Hamptons kitchen....

Danni, it’s so lovely to have you here with us – tell us a bit about 
yourself and loves!
Hi, I’m Danni, a self-confessed Interiors addict with a problem for beautifully aesthetic things! Lol. Last year my partner Matt and I purchased a beautiful old acreage property on the Sunshine Coast. I spend half my time as an Interior Stylist and Blogger and the other half on Step Mum duties to my partner’s three gorgeous kiddlets.

Who do you share your home with? What does the word home mean to you?
Our home is shared between 2 adults, three kids, two dogs and the constant traffic of friends, family and animals along the way. We’d have it no other way might I add!

You have mentioned your home is 18 years old, what style and build is it?
The home is currently a heritage style, master built property however it completely lends itself to a Hamptons style makeover which of course I’m doing. We instantly feel in love the beautiful 3 meter ceilings, detailed skirting, solid cedar doors and windows frames and the quality in general of every fixture and fitting. The home has a natural grandness and sense of luxury that we adore.

Why did you decide to renovate your kitchen?
It’s worth taking a quick peek at the before photos. Lol! I really shouldn’t say that because the quality of the original kitchen was faultless and 18 years on, it was still in mint condition. Unfortunately, it also happened to be constructed from mustard 2pac cabinetry with black granite. There are many other areas in the home that require attention but a renovated kitchen was easily first on the list due to our lifestyle and open family environment.

The before - mint condition, but dull and lifeless
Progress and the stunning after photo

How long did you spend planning and designing your kitchen?
Fortunately I worked with a very professional and very patient Kitchen Designer to ensure every detail was perfect. The planning and designing process took around 3 months from the initial meet and greet to ripping out the original kitchen. It’s so important that you’re completely comfortable with your design before you sign on the dotted line. Don’t rush it!

Do you have any tips for readers wanting to tackle a kitchen renovation?
Design your kitchen around your lifestyle before anything else. Of course personal taste, style, the current space and budget are important, however kitchens are high traffic areas so you’ll need to cater to the requirements of your family and/or lifestyle.

Do your research, calculate your budget, stick to it and be ruthless if necessary. Make sure your budget includes an additional 10-20% for incidentals. These are inevitable.

Compromise. Spend money where quality is key.  Allocate your budget to high quality products for areas that demand quality such as benchtops and appliances. 

Compromise elsewhere on items where quality isn’t such a big issue like pendant lights. Be reasonable and rational with your decisions.

Do your homework and select your Designer and Trades wisely as you’ll have quite a demanding relationship during the process of your renovation. It’s important to have open communication and mutual respect.

Try to relax and enjoy the moment. Renovating can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, however once it’s all over and the place looks fabulous you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. Breathe and enjoy!

Your inspiration for your kitchen?
The Hamptons. 
That’s basically it! I love the traditional and elegant look that the Hampton's style has to offer. Adding to this, I really wanted to design a coastal luxe, yet elegant luxurious kitchen that instantly makes you feel welcomed into the space. I feel I have achieved this with certain design and aesthetic aspects of our kitchen like the feature corbels and mantel ledge for example. I love it and feel like it’s done justice to our grand old home.

Biggest indulgence?
My biggest indulgence was by far the stone benchtops and splash back behind the cooker. It looks exactly like marble, feels like marble, but doesn’t have the maintenance of marble. It’s perfect for a family but comes with a price tag.

What do friends say when they visit your home?
“Oh My God!”
“How ridiculous is your kitchen?”
“Oh wow, I have so much kitchen envy right now”
Haha… But seriously, everyone has something so lovely to say and it’s been very overwhelming in a good way. Friends and family who understand how our family environment works, in particular appreciate the design and all the little details.

What's next for you - any upcoming projects in the home?
Our entire home is an upcoming project which is exciting and frustrating all at the same time. Every room of the interior is a work in progress but I guess our big projects currently are outside. We are in the process of landscaping most of our block after clearing around our tennis court and pool of large trees and shrubs. We’re laying turf in large sections and adding beautiful Hamptons inspired gardens with Conifer’s, Hydrangeas and French Lavender. In August, we’re building an extension off our existing garage that will look part of the house but will actually act as a large shed and extra garages.

I couldn't decide which photo I liked best - the 'all this is all too much I am going to lay down' photo of Pipi the staffy x or where she is half posing for the camera - so I included both. You all know how much of a dog lover I am!

Meet Bozley the Rottweiler who recently turned one - what a big boy he is going to grow to be!

Visit Danni on her blog and social media, click the links below. 

Danni is raw and honest on her blog,  sharing her interior and exterior triumphs (and failures), DIY adventures and renovating projects - to create a sophisticated and classic family home. 


Danni has done a fabulous job hasn't she?
 I love the detailed cabinetry and the stunning marble look splashback. You can see the three months of planning and design that went into this kitchen, it is so well thought and planned. The wide layout and butlers pantry is a dream isn't it. 
There are some serious #kitchengoals right here!

I hope you love seeing inside real homes each week. I am always on the lookout for new homes and renovations to feature. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, then get in touch. I'd love to chat!

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful kitchen with us Danni, I cannot wait to see more of your home and completed projects!

Have a wonderful weekend x
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  1. Wow! What an amazing kitchen! I absolutely love the marble look bench top and splash back!

    1. Its a dream isn't it! So much light and bright :) x

  2. OH, this is completely drool! Beautiful style. I do think I'm totally in love with the hampton style... and Bozley the dog! Such a great name :-)

    1. That should say 'drool worthy' sorry (insert cheesy dumb grin).

    2. So glad you love the kitchen and Mr Bozley. Fab name isn't it!! I know exactly what you mean - drool worthy it is!

  3. I have such bad kitchen envy right now. Our kitchen is in desperate need of a reno, although by the looks of things my kitchen is about the size of Danni's sink! Great tips - I'm pinning this for if and when my kitchen gets it's extreme makeover!

    1. Hehe I love your comments - previously you have said your kitchen is very brown, now its he size of a sink. I am intrigued! Especially since you seem to whip up so many yummy treats in there!! :) xx

  4. Nice blog, Love your kitchen very inspiring. We can say that the kitchen is one of the busiest places in our house.

  5. Oh, I love the Hamptons style! There's a few movies I've seen that are set in the Hamptons and I am always swooning over the kitchen. The one movie that springs to mind is "Something's Gotta Give" with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson.


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