2 June 2016

She Loves To Make

I feel very blessed to have met some wonderful people through Blogging- one of those lovely people who I met early on in this online blogging world was Yen from She Loves To Make. Yen is building her mini empire, showcasing creativity and design on her blog. Yen is passionate about empowering women in their own creative business and was so kind to ask me to be a part of her Creative Women Interview series.

"It’s really hard balancing creativity, life and business. I find the things these women share with me so familiar and encouraging. It’s important to see what’s behind the glossy social media posts and the websites into the real lives of creative ladies. That’s where the gold is. So I’m creating a space here to shine a light on their work but also so that my readers can be as encouraged and touched as I am by their stories." - Yen Taylor

Whilst building her mini empire, Yen is studying a Business Degree and starting a creative design and illustration business. This lady certainly knows how to keep herself busy!!

It is one thing Yen and I have in common, balancing paid work and study, whilst pursuing our blogging and passions. I would love you to read a little more about how I juggle running my Construction business, blogging and dreamcatcher making. Yen asks some great questions and really made me think of my passions, inspirations and what makes me smile...
I'd love to hear what you think!

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