1 July 2016

Feature Friday: Newport Beach Reno

Hello! If you’re new to my Feature Friday posts this is where I love to show you inside real homes. I know you are going to love this home, it's a newly renovated beauty on Sydney's northern beaches...

I love seeing a before and after transformation.

When serial renovator and interior designer Leanne posted on Instagram that she had recently finished renovating her home I wanted to know and see more. In under a year, Leanne and her Husband bought, renovated and are now selling their home in northern Sydney's beachside suburb of Newport. It was the home that no body wanted, the house in the best street and location that needed some TLC, that they snatched up at auction last July. 

In this time, blood, sweat and tears have been shed as they transformed this tired 1980's brick home to a coastal, open plan retreat.
With five bedrooms and three bathrooms, two living areas and numerous outdoor living and entertaining spaces this home would have been a massive project to tackle and transform. But today you will see for yourself, the amazing transformation and perhaps learn a thing or two from this serial renovating duo!

Let me introduce you to Leanne, so you can learn more about this renovation project and learn a thing or two from this renovating guru!

Leanne, it’s so lovely to have you here with us – tell us a bit about yourself and loves!
I work as a Specification Manager in Sydney in the building industry. On a day to day basis I meet and work alongside architects & interior designers. 
It was in 2011 with two grown up children living out of home and just myself and husband Anthony at home that I decided to put my passion for renovating into practice and enrolled at Design School to complete an interior design/decoration course. Working full time and being at school two nights a week with assignments in between took its toll, but it also gave me so much - an understanding of areas, of renovating, seeing a vision come to fruition in renovating and to show me that it's not all about cushion fluffing either! Alongside this, meeting many people with the same passion was wonderful. 

Who do you share your home with?
My home is shared with my husband Anthony and our fur baby 7yr old Coco who appears in my Instagram page as much as my home snaps! Anthony and I love travelling the globe and experiencing what our country offers, as well as renovating!

What does the word home mean to you?
Home to me means somewhere that when just ourselves are there it feels like our sanctuary, but when our family and friends visit it instantly has a welcoming feel. Regardless of how long we have lived in a home, I put our stamp on it, then its represents and reflects us and not just walls and a roof.

Why did you decide to renovate your home?
We purchased our home in 2015 and it was the ugly house in a good location, so it was the plan from day 1 to renovate. 

The before and the stunning after photo

How long did you spend planning and designing your renovation?
Time has not been a luxury in planning and renovating this home. We purchased it in July 2015 and once we secured it at auction, the renovations were already in planning mode. On the day the property settled, work on the bathrooms started. We act quickly! Renovations were completed within twelve months and we have decided to move on (not the initial plan, but that's life!).

Work on the bathrooms started the day of settlement, as soon as they picked up the keys!

Do you have any tips for readers wanting to tackle a home renovation?
1. Start with an overall vision for the home and follow it through from front door to back door. 
2. Stay true to selecting things that speak to you, but stay within the overall design or ensure you can adapt to it. 
3. A cohesive end result is an easy place to reside in, as apposed to a home with no story unfolding as you walk through each space. 
4. Keep the expensive pieces of the build neutral such as flooring, kitchens and bathrooms, then add interest with key unique pieces in every room to make it your own. 

What sources of inspiration did you use for your home?
Inspiration from Instagram, magazines, hotels and I am always looking around me and continuously being inspired. 

Biggest indulgence?
Our indulgence with this one is hard to answer as I always aim to keep renovating interesting, but not extravagant. We did decide that to truly take the 1980's double brick home from being out of place in Newport Beach to being a home that fits into the surrounding homes we needed to replace the brown windows and doors with French doors and glass louvres. It was a large chunk of money out of our budget, but certainly helped achieve the look we wanted.

The new doors and windows completely transform the home - the living room before and after

The kitchen before in July 2015 and the stunning after photo, taken June 2016

The combination of new flooring and white windows and doors is timeless

What do friends say when they visit your home?
Most people enter this home and our past renovations we have done - saying "wow it's like it was always like this, it just all works and fits and feels like us". 

What's next for you - any upcoming projects/renovations?
My next renovation project is a funny story actually, as I recently had a phone call from a lady who viewed our last place when we were selling to purchase this home. She said she loved our previous home so much and asked could I work on the design of her new purchase. She loved our prior home so much but couldn't buy it at that time. I thought for a minute or two and then decided it was a compliment and a good opportunity! It will be a classic Hampton's style, as that is her request.  After that I am sure I will be ready for our new our purchase and renovation wherever on Sydney's Northern beaches that may be

I love Leanne's honesty and how down to earth she is. There is no denying that renovating is one of the hardest projects to tackle and accomplishing it with your Husband deserves a medal!It can make or break some!

Ever powered through a renovation in under twelve months?
 Anyone who renovates knows that it feels like the job that never ends. The to do list is endless and it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your attitude and outlook is important and Leanne's outlook is spot on, start with a vision and follow it through from the front to the back door.

Looks incredible doesn't it?
 The new doors and windows were worth every cent, they truly transform the entire look and feel of the home, bringing it from dated 1980's to relaxed and modern beach house. I love the bathroom too, the floor tiles and the oversized tap is fabulous!!

I would love for you to say hi to Leanne and share your thoughts on her Newport renovation - leave a comment below or connect with her via Instagram

All photos and details were provided to me by Leanne and sourced from the current real estate listing, which you can view here.

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful renovation with us Leanne, I cannot wait to see your future Hamptons projects!

Have a wonderful weekend x
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  1. thanks Ashlea, Leanne's home is gorgeous! Great tips too :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tash. It is stunning and you can see how much work went into it! x

  2. Well done Leanne. I have the itch to renovate something at the moment. Not that it will be happening any time soon.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Karin! I have had the itch for months and months and now, we have purchased and I am shaking in my boots. I forgot how big of a mammoth task it is!! eeeek xx

  3. Changing those doors and windows was certainly the best decision Leanne could have made, what a difference it has made. Flipping homes is something the Builder and I want to do once our own reno is complete, only I don't think I can live in them or I become too attached and my judgement is then compromised. xx

    1. I agree - we replaced all the windows and doors in our home and you now cannot tell the age of the home. Worth every penny! I love the sound of flipping homes, you should go for it! :P
      I too would become too attached, I think they would have to be quick projects where I renovated and sold. No living there!! xx

  4. Another stunning home. I love that bathroom. Well done on a fabulous renovation Leanne. Your house is beautiful!


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