Hi there, I’m Ashlea, a house renovating foodie passionate about all things coastal, DIY and home and garden. 

I created Glamour Coastal Living to share my home renovation journey way back when and since then it has evolved into a collection of snapshots of a life filled with home projects and inspiration, outdoor adventures and cooking – my life. 

I love having a creative space where people like you can come, be inspired and share in my passion for the beautiful things. 

When it comes to my own home, I don’t have a particular style so if something catches my eye I make a place for it. One day I’ll build my dream home with elements of favourites I’ve collected along the way. My non-negotiables are abundant space, beautiful gardens and a lush green lawn. 

Besides collating inspiration I have a deep love of the outdoors – camping, beach days with my husband and fur baby – you name it. I could happily spend a night under the stars dreaming up my next adventure. 

My love of DIY extends to handcrafting gifts and I also make dreamcatchers which you can check out here

When I’m not cooking, with a paintbrush in hand or adding to this little corner of the web, there’s a good chance you’ll find me at the farmers markets, singing out loud in the kitchen, riding my baby blue cruiser; cuddling up close to my man; reading a good book; or writing a list – I’m a sucker for organisation. 

I hope you’ll stick around, spend some time browsing and maybe ignite that little spark you need to start your own creative project. 

If you do I would love to see what you come up with – email me at glamourcoastalliving@gmail.com. 

I’m thrilled you’re here,

Ash x

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  1. Loving your blog missy... so many pretty pictures! inspirational :)

  2. I am Ashleas brother and can definitely recommend her recipes as i have tried many a dish and they are superb!

  3. Hehe thanks - glad someone can vouch for my cooking :) x


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