18 October 2013

My Home: Our Front Deck Progress

The progress of our front deck 

We have been making some serious progress at the front of our house as we have been busy working on our front deck. The existing deck was treated pine, painted in green and soft cream. It really was an eyesore being at the front of the house. The timber had started to rot through in some sections and being two story's high, had to be replaced. We started the works by removing the existing decking boards and replacing them with Kwilla hardwood, to match the timber on our back deck (you can view the back deck here).


We have removed the handrail and banister increasing the height of it so it meets the legal requirements and at the same time adding more privacy to the front of the home. 


How am I going to spend my weekend? Painting of course! I will share some progress photos with you soon! :)

Have a great weekend everyone x

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