31 May 2014

The Month of May

The month of May for me through the eyes of Instagram....


May has been a wonderfully warm month for Autumn.
This month I indulged and enjoyed...
Baking wholesome goodies and attempting to make my own peanut butter (a success!).
A weekend in Victoria where I saw Autumn leaves and enjoyed actual Autumn weather.
I wrote about an amazing coastal home renovation here on the Gold Coast. Feeling inspired  I created a DIY Hampton's side table and moved furniture around the house, trying different pieces in various rooms, threw on a new bedspread and made 
rooms feel exciting and new again. I also redesigned my blog and layout, I love the new look and feel of my blog and am feeling inspired to post and share some happenings with you 
on there in the coming weeks! I also dreamt of a tropical holiday, somewhere in the Pacific, somewhere with white sand, blue seas and somewhere I can lay under a palm tree and rest, recharge and enjoy the company of my beloved.
Most importantly I enjoyed nature and the unusually warm weather that we had. I picked tropical heleconias from the garden, swam in the ocean, rode by beautiful bike, took long walks along the beach at sunrise and admired the coast and the place I call home. I did some self reflection, admired some wise words (above) and wrote a little journal entry on what has been going on in life and how I feel. Putting words on paper. I think it helps to see the words on paper, feel the emotion of the words as they are printed in black and white and reflect on them and gain courage and direction from them. Maybe more on that another time...

So heres to June...

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