20 May 2014

Lunchbox Snack Ideas - some midweek inspiration!

It has been a busy week in our household, we have had a weekend away to country Victoria which is a big change from where I live on the sunny Gold Coast. You may have seen me posting the beautiful autumn leaves here on instagram - I always marvel at the colours of autumn and the beautiful leaves, such a contrast to life by the beach! It was a weekend of family, food and lots of relaxing which was nice, celebrating my husbands Nan's 80th birthday. But now I am back at the desk, back at work for the week which means packing lunches. My husband works in construction, so I pack an esky full of food for him each day and I work from home (lucky yes, but I still like to pack a lunch so I don't just stand gazing into the fridge and pantry looking for something to graze on!) but still like to have my meals planned for the day. I am a 'snack in between meals' kinda girl and that's what works for me, keeps my energy levels up and the '3pm sugar hit' cravings down.

For lunch I pack a main meal like salad, or dinner leftovers and then enjoy having a snack box full of nutritious goodies to enjoy throughout the day. You may have seen me post some of my lunchbox ideas here before in a previous post and today I have decided to show you some more easy ideas and inspiration!

Carrot sticks, dried fruit and nut mix

Apricot and coconut balls, pistachios and carrot & cucumber sticks

Cheese, dried fruit and fresh fruit pieces

The most amazing protein balls (find the recipe here), fresh fruit, nut mix and raw salad

Celery, fresh fruit and more of those amazing protein balls

Cheese, fresh fruit and vegetable and raw brownie slice (click here for that recipe)

Grapes, carrot, apricot and amazing  healthy jaffa bread (click here for that recipe)

Plain crackers, grapes, cucumber and dried fruit mix

I hope this helps makes your lunches more exciting!
Have a wonderful week everyone x

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  1. This is great! Although the school year is coming to a close, I am DETERMINED next year to pack healthy lunches.

    1. There is so many inspiring ideas out there. A good lunchbox is the key though, you want something that is fun to work with and has compartments and options! Enjoy your break x

  2. Nice post. Fresh fruits and vegetables seem to be much better to pack for lunch and easier. Thanks for sharing.


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