9 June 2014

Peanut Butter Mousse - YES please!!

Cooking for someone post dental surgery

Its been a quiet week in my household. My husband had to get five teeth extracted last Monday, so the last week has been dedicated to looking after him and making delicious treats that he can actually eat! Once he came to terms with the fact he needed five teeth extracted, some serious drilling into his bone and lots of stitches I think the excitement of only being able to eat ice cream and jelly hit. I didn't want to crush his dream of indulging in this so I did buy it, but I must admit I was a little concerned about the sugar overload and wanted to ensure there was some nutrients and balance to his diet whilst he recovered from surgery. So it was a busy week for me in the kitchen, lots of pureed vegetables, yoghurt, green smoothies, fruit smoothies and mousse treats. 
Here is a peek of what I whipped up in the kitchen this week for my post dental surgery patient...

Chocolate Mousse
There are many mousse recipes out there that are healthy and have minimal sugar. I have tried silken tofu based mousse and avocado based mousse and honestly its personal preference as they are both great flavours. I joked here on instagram when I made an avocado based mousse and didn't tell my avocado hating husband the ingredients. He raved about how good it was and when I told him the ingredients he was shocked!! I did it to him again, this time he was a little sedated on pain killers and didn't seem to mind that he just consumed the dreaded green avocado. Here is what I blended in a food processor:
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 2 tablespoons of raw cacao
  • A tablespoon of honey (or you can use agave syrup or maple syrup!)
Mix well and serve!

Peanut Butter Mousse
I came across this recipe at Minimalist Baker and as I had just made delicious homemade peanut butter, I couldn't wait to try it. It has only three ingredients and super easy to make - click here to see the full recipe. I layered sliced banana with it in a mason jar and my Husband's eyes nearly popped when he saw this treat coming his way!

Choc Mint Banana Smoothie
This recipe is super easy and delicious. You could never have a chocolate syrup milkshake after tasting this beauty, it has me hooked! It is basically a combination of:
  • Almond Milk (approx 1 cup)
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • Sweetener (vanilla extract, or 2-3 medjool dates)
  • Fresh mint leaves (approx 6, suit to taste)
  • A tablespoon of raw Cacao (I used 1 spoonful for a more banana smoothie and also did two for a chocolate mint smoothie with a hint of banana)
Whizz in a blender until well combined and enjoy!

Green Smoothie
You may have seen me raving about this green smoothie recipe on Instagram and how its great for beginners? Well this is how the patient consumed his fresh fruit and vegetables this week - in liquid form! If you have never had a green smoothie but want to try it, I'm telling you that this recipe is for you. The combination of sweet from the pineapple and the hit of ginger is great and its easy, just pop the following into the blender -
  • A cup of coconut water (or filtered water)
  • 2 kale leaves (or spinach)
  • A frozen banana
  • A 1cm knob of peeled ginger
  • A cup of chopped pineapple

I have never used my food processor and blender so much, it has been great to try some new recipes and creative ways of enjoying your favourite flavours but in soft food form! The patient is onto Day 7 of recovery today, so pancakes for breakfast to celebrate!
Thanks for stopping by, have a great week x

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