22 September 2014

Our Kitchen Renovation - After Photos!

Here it is, my kitchen renovation reveal. 
You may have been following in recent posts (you can read them here) that we wanted to update our kitchen, make it more modern, but not spend alot. We wanted to achieve a modern but classic look, something like this.

We chose to not change the layout and the carcass of the kitchen to save money in plumbing and design costs. It is also a compact kitchen and the current layout works, so if its not broken, why fix it right?

We chose to spend on:

- New cupboard fronts and handles. We left the kitchen carcass layout and structure, measured the size of the door fronts and had them manufactured at a local cabinet maker. We then DIY installed them (with only a few minor mistakes were made!).
- Installing new overhead cupboards above the existing benchspace. It was a great wall space that was not utilised and added some much needed storage to the kitchen. Once again, we had these manufactured and installed ourselves.
- New benchtops. The old laminex benchtop had to go, it was textured and was inched with grime and dirt buildup when we moved in. It didn't matter how much Gumption was applied, it just felt icky! We chose Laminex Diamond Gloss in Carrara for the new benchtop with a waterfall feature. The gloss reflects the light and it a classic look that I don't feel will date quickly.
- A glass splashback. Removing the row of black tiles and installing a glass splashback which is much easier to keep clean (no grout lines!) and protects out walls!
- Installing a new skylight cover and removing the daggy, grotty old exhaust fan/skylight cover. The new cover new is recessed into the ceiling, allows great lightflow and lightens the kitchen.
- New sink and tapware. As we were replacing the benchop, it was an opportunity to change the sink and cut a new hole for it to sit in the benchtop. I am glad we did it, as it really completes the look.
- Adding extra downlights in the kitchen to make it lighter when using the kitchen at night.
- Removed the timber kickfaces at the front of the cabinetry and replaced with a two pac gloss white to match the cabinetry. It now makes the cabinets looks floating and your eye stops at the floor now, elongating the cabinetry.
- We replaced the windows and doors throughout the home, so as you can see the new white frame and architrave does wonders in opening up the kitchen space too! 

You might remember, this is what the kitchen looked like.
A before shot....
BEFORE - when we first moved in
Here is the progress...

I would have liked to share more progress shots with you, but my computer had other ideas and the other photos have gone MIA

PROGRESS - Overhead cupboards had been installed, some cupboards front installed, new benchtops installed and now waiting on the glass splashback...

PROGRESS - Benchtops arrived with this blue plastic wrap. At first I thought they had the colour wrong and I was stuck with electric blue benchtops!!
PROGRESS - It had to go...old skylight/exhaust fan combination was riddled with dirt and grime and replaced with a new flush cover that is recessed into the ceiling. Looks much better!

And now, here is the transformation...

AFTER - My new kitchen request was a new stove. My Husband's was a waterfall benchtop - he got it. I love how it makes it more modern and in a small space makes the benchtop a statement.

AFTER - I love my crystal look kettle and toaster. I think they complete the kitchen!

AFTER - One of my favourite features - the cupboard door to hide the microwave from eye view! So simple, but I love it. I like that it breaks up the lines on the cupboards too and creates a spot of interest.

AFTER - New white kickfaces elongates the cabinetry and distinguishes it from the timber floor.

AFTER - We opted for w glass splashback in white, as I felt it wouldn't close in the room as a bold colour might and makes the room appear bigger.

You can see from the photos how light and bright the kitchen is now. We chose to stick with high gloss white cabinetry and a gloss benchtop and it reflects all the natural light that filters in from the sunny backyard and deck. It's not my dream kitchen, but its a great compromise from what was existing. Its modernised, practical and was cost effective. 

My favourite part of the kitchen? 
The nifty cupboard door we installed to hide the microwave. It is one appliance we hardly use, takes up alot of space and is an eyesore. I love how its now hidden when out of use. I also love looking out the kitchen window, watching the birds clambering along the fenceline, Coopar playing in the backyard and enjoying the sun that shines through.

What about you?
Whats your favourite part of my kitchen? What do you love about your kitchen? Have you tackled a DIY kitchen makeover before?

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, 

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  1. This kitchen looks amazing you have done such a good job! Congratulations 😊

  2. I love the new bench top! It all looks so good. You must be loving it :)

    1. Thanks Laura! I still can't quite believe its finished, so thrilled with the results. Now all I want to do is cook in it :)

  3. I'm a sucker for a waterfall end, so id have to agree with your hubby, that's my fave part. You guys did amazing though!

    1. Hehe I know, it was well worth it. It just adds a little pizzazz I think :)

  4. Oh wow it's just beautiful!!! Great job. I am pretty jealous! x

    1. Thanks Bec :) Feel free to come and cook in it anytime so I can sample your delicious looking food :P

  5. That's an amazing result Ashlea, you guys must be chuffed with the results! It also makes sense (and is a great cost saver) to reuse the existing structure and reface cabinets, when the layout still works. We did this with our last house and it saved so much money but still delivered a new kitchen look. Congratulations!

    Cheers, Col

    1. Thanks Col! Very happy with how it all turned out. Loved your bathroom reveal this week it looks fab! Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. That laminex is VERY effective! Well done on making great choices, what a huge difference!

    I'm thinking of installing a skylight to my kids play zone :)

  7. What a fabulous outcome. You must be so thrilled. Well done. Many a delicious and healthy meal will be cooked and consumed in that kitchen. So lovely. Jx

    1. Thank you Jess! Yes I love any excuse to cook and and entertain now, I absolutely love it - thank you x

  8. Oh my god!! Looks amazing!! Seems so much bigger and brighter now - and has so much impact. I want one!

    1. Renovating is addictive right?! I love your kitchen though, it has character and is such a transformation. Any DIY projects or renos on the horizon?

  9. I love this Ashley. I'm dreaming of a waterfall bench in my new kitchen, yours looks fab! X

  10. Hi Ashlea, your kitchen looks fantastic. We have a very similar layout and I have been thinking about replacing the cupboard doors and benchtop. Just wondering if you could break down the costs? Love your blog btw.

    1. Hi Jen, we went direct to a trade manufacturer to save money. The benchtops were approx $1000. The cabinetry (door and drawer fronts) were approx $1700. Handles were a few dollars each from a cabinet maker. We then installed a new sink, tapware, oven and rangehood (prices obviously will vary dependant on your taste/budget/style!). Hope this helps!! :):)

  11. Wow, you have a beautiful home! I love these benchtops, they are amazing! We own a property in Melbourne that is being rented but is fairly modern so doesn't need any renos. Our current house we are living in is a rental and has pale blue/grey walls/tiles and blue grey carpet, I always feel like I am in a dr's clinic. I would looove some white walls and wooden floorboards! Hopefully one day when we build! Your house is definitely inspiring! Lou from FMS gift exchange :)

    1. Oh hi Lou, thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words! I do adore my timber floors and white walls, it always feels so light and bright! I had to giggle at you and your Dr surgery carpet, I do agree. I think they think blue is a calming colour and therefore quite fitting for a place like the doctors perhaps? I would love to build too, I have so many ideas and just want to see them come to life! Hope you have had a lovely day x

    2. It has more of a cold feeling than a calming effect, unfortunately!


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