10 October 2014

A reno update - this week's projects

Hi everyone! 
I am not bringing you a Feature Friday post this week. If you are still wanting a 'home tour' fix and want to step inside a home today, I shared on facebook a beautiful coastal glam Palm Beach home. So be sure to check that one out! Instead of a Feature Friday post, I am bringing you an update about what has been going on with my home renovations this week. 

Renovations are back in full swing at the moment.
We had a few quiet months where we put the tools down, but now we are back at it and are tackling the to do list once again. This week we have been trying to do the last coat on the white picket balustrade on the front verandah. I love the pickets and the privacy it gives us, but oh boy...so many to paint and such little crevices and bits to get the brush into. I enjoy cutting in and rolling paint on, but dislike the brush and unfortunately this is all brush work. So still a work in progress there...stay tuned!
PAINTING - So many pickets to paint..it is the job that never ends!

One of the only rooms in the house that is untouched is the bathroom. They are always a costly room and for this reno we are going to leave it to the professionals. As we only have one bathroom it is too risky I feel attempting a DIY in this room. As I am imagining that if we were to run into trouble and if the room took longer than expected we could be without a toilet and a shower for quite some time. I am going to keep you in suspense with the bathroom 'before' photo, as this will deserve its own post. It is one very interesting bathroom... I am waiting on a quote from a builder and am hoping it is within our budget. All I want for Christmas this year is a new bathroom, one where I can actually relax in the bath (this will all make more sense when I reveal the bathroom in a later post!). So fingers crossed! You can see some of my bathroom inspiration here if you like.

ROOFING - Very excited to have a new roof being installed this week!
This week we have had an exciting project start - a new Colorbond roof! When me moved in two years, painting the existing roof was one of the first projects we tackled. Hubby and I run a roofing construction business, so it was one project we could easily accomplish that was going to instantly transform the house. Your roof makes up approximately 30% of what the eye can see when looking at a home, so it is important to choose the right colour. You can read more about choosing roof colours here in some of my roof related posts.
We initially painted the existing metal roof a charcoal colour and it looked great, but unfortunately since then we have had hail damage to our roof and it now needs replacing. I have chosen the Colorbond colour 'Monument' which is a lovely dark charcoal colour. So next week there will be a shiny new roof and some more updates to share with you.

So that's what has been happening at our home. What about you?

Have a great weekend everyone x

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  1. Yes!! Painting architraves and sanding plaster!!

    1. Hope your painting went well! I still have more to continue...Your home is looking fab! :)

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