3 October 2014

Feature Friday: Step inside Darren and Dee from The Block's Home

Hi there! Today it’s time for another Feature Friday post and this one is from The Block contestants Dee and Darren. Join me as we step inside their newly renovated Edwardian home which they sold just before their stint filming on The Block. Come and take a peek inside + see the full floorplan…

I always like to see from the outside in when admiring photos of homes. It allows me to paint the picture of the style of the house and its layout. Outdoor living and landscaping is so important to me and I always feel like if this is done right and has the structure or 'the bones' then it is a winner. It always easier to change the interior paint colour or furniture then spending big on redesigning and landscaping. Don't you think?

This outdoor area and perfectly landscaped garden is just stunning I think, a real winner. I adore the use of timber for the full length stairs and deck. I also love how they have incorporated the existing tree into the deck, pretty clever!

The interior of the home is a beautiful combination of coastal and french provincial. The view from the dining table is lovely, I really do love openplan living and incorporating a seamless transition from interior to exterior.

Do you love Dee's style?
 Here's the listing online and here are some more Feature Friday posts. 

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  1. What a beautiful home. I love her style Ashlea and their apartment on the block is my favourite (minus those sock looking lights). She has a great eye for colour & textures - she is a natural!

    1. She certainly is a natural when it comes to styling, its just a shame she can't hold her tongue sometimes. The ensuite they presented last night in apartment 6 was a clear winner - just stunning!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE everything about this home!! So beautiful x


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