30 September 2014

The month of September through Instagram

September's Instagram for Glamour Coastal Living was all about spring: enjoying the blue skies and warmer days it bought. I love Instagram, simply for the fact that I enjoy sharing a snippet of my day and also taking inspiration from what I am seeing. There is some divine feeds on there that you could swoon over all day!

Here are my favourite September moments and what the month looked like through the eyes of Instagram...

♥ We finally finished our kitchen renovation and I was so excited to share the before and after photos with you all.
♥ I was crushing on Michael & Carlene from The Block, how amazing is their apartment looking and how lovable are they as a couple? I really hope they walk away winners from the Auctions next week! If Darren and Dee walk away with the win I will be very upset - they are bad team players those two. Did you see the episode last night? (OMG!)
♥ As usual, I was busy in the kitchen! I whipped up so many healthy treats, homemade icecream and with an abundance of strawberries even whipped up a sugar and dairy free three ingredient strawberry mousse
♥ I bought my first piece of Ikea furniture and went through the pain of building a set of drawers that cane flat packed in three boxes. One box and instructions was overwhelming enough, but three?!
♥ My beautiful fur baby Coopar had his summer haircut, I couldn't resist taking a few glamour shots of him before he had his winter coat chopped. He is handsome isn't he?
♥ We squeezed in a trip to beautiful Fraser Island with my bestie and her partner. Oh my, if you ever get a chance to visit you must do! It is the most beautiful island and the largest sand island in the world. We saw sharks, dolphins, whales, mantarays, dingoes, caught fish...so much wildlife! We also were lucky enough to experience the full moon rising each night we were there. Talk about spectacular!

October is going to be a busy one I think, there's a wedding, two 50th birthdays and some DIY renovations to finish on our home. I wish the painting would end, but it just doesn't! We are planning doing a last coat on the front verandah handrails and then oil the timber stair treads...looks like a job for the long weekend I think!

You can catch up on the month of August here if you missed it!

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  1. Ashlea, Coopar is so FREAKING CUTE!! I can't stop laughing at his gorgeous expressions. You can tell he is totally smiling and feeling handsome there! Hahahaha.... honestly I think I need to have this as my screensaver because it cracks me up that much :) #dogstalker Fraser Island is on my to-do list!

    1. Hehe I had to laugh at your comment Maya! I think he is pretty damn cute and he doesn't mind a little glamour shoot :P Bet Nala was happy to see you on your return from holidays! Or was she sad to leave the Parentals and having withdrawals from being super spoilt?! Fraser is amazing, I posted some photos on another post - most beautiful sand island in the world!

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