2 February 2016

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day is only 12 days away and I thought today I would share some of my picks for that hunky man in your life.

They are not all mushy and romantic, they are just 'hey I thought you would like this, I was thinking of you gifts'. They are gifts I know my Hubby would love!

We usually celebrate Valentines Day with a mushy loved up card and I will normally bake Hubby's favourite dessert (anything with chocolate or caramel). For us, its just a day to say sweet things and say I love you as in the same week we celebrate our wedding anniversary (18th February).

We like to gift instead on our anniversary and we stick to the 'traditional' anniversary gifts, that is cotton, leather, fruit etc - you know the gifts that were traditionally gifted to eachother each year? Read more here if you are wondering what I am talking about!

So whilst brainstorming for anniversary gifts for Hubby, I came across some of these great buys and thought you might like a little shopping help this year with my picks?

I thought of these...
hats - tshirts - tablet cover - phone case - sunglass case - ring - fit bit - backpack- watch

Fitbit $179
 With the motto 'It ain't weak to speak' I especially love this hat and the brand behind it, it is raising money and awareness for those living with mental illness. Healthy Livin = healthy mind. Awesome stuff!

Tablet cover $34.95
I bought one of these rings for Hubby for Christmas - perfect for him as they are functional and comfortable in design being made from silicone - a must need for Hubby as he works in the Construction Industry. I can recommend!

what do you think?

Liking the look of any of these shopping picks? I especially like the guy in the cap, I had to include him :P

Do you gift traditional anniversary gifts each year? As it is our fourth, it can be silk, fruit or appliances/gadgets. What do you think, any ideas for me?!

Did you catch yesterday's post - my month of January through pictures? Be sure to see what I have been up to it - so much eye candy to be seen!
Have a great week!

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  1. I love a good list and you've done all the hard work for us Ashlea, well done!

  2. We are a bit boring, we don't really do gifts, perhaps just a card. But....I could change it up a bit this year. I'd love to go out to dinner somewhere lovely and I do love the phone cover!

  3. We never do valentines day gifts, and have only done anniversary ones once. I'm not sure why; it's just not something we have ever thought to do!

  4. That's a really cool phone case. My husband would love that. We don't do gifts for valentine's or anniversaries, but I reckon if he's a good boy I might buy him that case ;)


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