1 March 2016

Destination: Port Douglas

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen alot of holiday spam in the last week.

I spent seven nights in Port Douglas, it was bliss.

35 degree days, sunny blue skies, palm trees swaying in the breeze. Perfect way to say farewell to Summer!

Here is a snapshot of my week.

the villa - niramaya resort

We had a three bedroom pool villa that we shared with our family who joined us on the holiday. There was two wings, the living and dining - then the bedrooms and bathrooms. Adjoining these two wings were water features, pebbled pathways and lush tropical plants.

With skyhigh ceilings, lots of windows and airflow the villas were perfect in the summer heat. I loved the raw concrete, stone, timber and glass in the villas. Raw, earthy, organic and neutral building materials.
 I think this look doesn't date - what do you think?

the resort - niramaya resort

Being summer and the low season, the resort we stayed in was very quiet (as was Port Douglas overall!). Here is the main pool, we had the place to ourselves one lunchtime and enjoyed lunch and cocktails poolside.

dining - at barbados

I was so lucky that Lisa had told me about the perfect sunset dining spot - Barbados, right on the marina.

 If you love coastal interiors- white cladding, nautical, tropical and rustic timbers then you will love Barbados. Chic cocktails, tasty tapas and daybeds to relax on. We enjoyed a sashimi platter, fresh prawns and cocktails. Delish!

the rainforest - mosman gorge

I loved escaping the heat and humidity of the coast and travelling about 20km north west of Port Douglas - to Mosman Gorge. It was so refreshing being amongst the canopy of the rainforest and being able to take a cool dip in the gorge. The picture below is where we swam, amongst the rocks and rainforest. It was magical. A must do!

the great barrier REef

If you are visiting north Queensland, then the Great Barrier reef is a must visit. This was my fourth time to the Great Barrier Reef and the best trip yet. Perfect water visibility, blue skies and sun above made the water clear and coral colours so bright. We also swam with a white tipped reef shark which was brilliant. I was able to get it on video with our GoPro, me swimming alongside it. It was amazing, in the water alongside a shark I felt no fear. I thought if I saw a shark I would start swimming in the opposite direction, but instead I was intrigued and captivated, wanting to swim alongside and see as much of it as I could.

Port Douglas - the town

If you go to Port Douglas then you have to stop by the lookout at the top of town. Beautiful views (like the one below) of the beach and stunning homes nestled into the hill. There are views of endless green rolling mountains and palm trees nestled along the coastline. Tropical paradise!

It was such a wonderful week and now I have been twice to Port Douglas I wont go again - too many other incredible places to see and experience!
 Are you the same - do you always visit the same holiday destination or do you like to see and experience new places?
Have you been to Port Douglas before - what did you think of it?

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  1. I love Port Douglas - although it's been way to long between visits! I saw one of your photos on Instagram the other day and said to hubby that a Port Douglas holiday is long overdue! It all looks just dreamy, especially the villa! I remember in my backpacking days watching the cane toad racing at the Iron Bar! Those were the days! Your diving pictures are awesome but you're a much braver woman than I, swimming next to a shark! Eeep! The best cure for post holiday blues is to book another one, so where are you off to next?!

  2. We're actually headed to port Douglas for a family holiday next weekend...we've never been so really looking forward to it. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Oh yay! You will have a fabulous time. So green and lush there at the moment, tropical paradise. The drive from Cairns is awesome, all you see is beautiful blue water x

  3. It looks absolutely amazing. So open and fresh. I want to BE there right now :)

  4. That looks absolutely magical and brings back memories of my honeymoon! We made a day trip to Port Douglas but stayed at Silky Oaks lodge in the rainforest on the river...I just love that place!

  5. It looks beautiful!
    I'm a bit like you in that twice is probably enough. Two times means you can see more, but then visit somewhere else. There's so many beautiful places to visit.

  6. Oh Ashlea, this looks delightful! I love Port Douglas and I love snorkeling, must put it on my destination list for this year.

  7. Hi Ashlea we were up there last year, loved PD went out on the reef, fantastic but hubby got sea sick in the semi submersible he he Mosman Gorge is spectacular, Atherton Tablelands gorgeous and lots of great shops and food to eat too love the gorgeous little Church in the park and the markets are great too

    1. The church in the park is so dreamy isnt it - what a view! A great place to visit and sounds like we did similar things! Its a great holiday spot x

  8. OK I am more than a little green with envy chick. What a spectacular place and ummm by the way - living up to the glamour part of your name you big spunk!!!! xx

  9. Hehe it was brilliant. Serious post holiday blues now...Hope you're well lovelyx


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