12 April 2016

Around here lately - reading, watching & eating!

Just thought I would say a quick hello and share what I have been up to lately. Precisely, what I have been eating, reading and watching. The important stuff you know!

|| Eating || 

I love making dinners that provide leftovers the next day, so I can have them for lunch. I am not a sandwich girl, I just can't do it! I made this yummy Thai style chicken meatball salad this week and can recommend it. Super easy, fresh and oh so tasty. 

|| Reading || 

I have been reading Adore Aloha!
This edition features homes and interiors with a coastal twist and that embody the Hawaiian spirit. Did you catch my Three Bird Reno post last week - well one of the three birds Lana features in this edition, showing off her new pool renovation. You wont want to miss it!

|| Watching || 

I am guilty of loving trashy reality TV when it comes to anything dating - Farmer Wants a Wife is a fav and now this show Seven Year Switch is a new fav. Have you been watching it? Ahhh I am hooked. I cannot wait to see tonights episode air, the future for some of these couples is so uncertain. 
Ryan & Cassie and Jason & Michelle both have children and it is going to be a tricky one to see how they finish the experiment. I feel like they have both come 360 degrees and can see the relationship flaws and what they need to do. I am just not sure if the love is there anymore and if the damage has been done? What do you think?
Don't get me started on Brad & Taleena and Tim & Jackie. There is no future there, I don't think either couples are right for eachother!

|| What else? || 

Here are some great reads and finds that I am loving across the web this week.

Sam at The Annoyed Thyroid has a weekly post called "She's so Inspiring", I love it and do find it just that - inspiring. Be sure to take a read!

Nicole over on The Builders Wife has a great idea to occupy the kids - camping. Read about how many positives it has brought out in her kids when they have to fend for themselves.  

Ever looking for an easy lunchtime meal? I love to make easy quesadillas. Its basically like a gourmet toastie! I came across this recipe from Create Bake Make and thought you might like it - Chicken and Pesto Quesadilla. Yum!

I love my local library and often visit to borrow magazine and recipe books. Lately I have been a little slack though, but its just reminded me that you can read magazine for free. Try it!

Remember Dee off Neighbours? She is now a Mum to six kids under eight. I think you will want to read this and read her parenting tips on what she calls is, parenting, aka an extreme sport! Wow, brace yourself!

So many stars change their names. I am sure you have heard of Alicia Keys right? Did you know her name is actually Alicia Augello Cook. Better known as Alicia Keys though...the artist who plays the piano. See the connection?

What would you do if you found a note like this in your hotel bed? You would like to think this doesn't happen!

Ever thought of what it would be like having two kids under one. Christie Hayes writes about being pregnant six weeks after giving birth. Yikes!

Happy reading! 
Tell me, have you changed your name?
 Do you have kids who are really close in age - six under the age of eight, or two under one? 
What have you been watching lately? Are you glued to trashy reality TV shows too? Tell me I am not the only one!
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  1. Ohh Thai Style Chicken Meatballs sound delicious! You've inspired me to make these later this week.

    And yes I have kids that are close in age, my twins are 7 minutes apart - lol! Plus a have another son who is 3 years younger.

    1. The chicken meatballs are a winner, you will love it. I made an extra big batch and had it cold for lunch leftovers, was yum!

      Hehe 7 mins apart is quite a gap!:P You must be one busy Mumma, I bet they all keep you on your toes x

  2. Thank you for the mention lovely, I'm off to check out the thai meatballs. They look amazing!

    1. Hop you survived the school holidays okay! :) I love easy weekday meals and this is one of them xx

  3. Those meatballs look fabulous! I think I'll have to give them a go. I wasn't going to watch that Seven Year Switch show but I couldn't help myself and I have to agree with your assessment, I can't see the two young couples making it. Dave and I have been watching MKR as usual and I'm looking forward to Masterchef coming back on. I'm not a big fan of cooking myself, but for some reason I am obsessed with cooking shows and cooking competitions. Weird, I know!

    My girls are 19 months apart and that was hard enough, I couldn't imagine having two kids less than a year apart. I'd lose my mind!

    1. You gotta love reality TV - totally sucks you in right?!

      19 mths is a good age, you are right any closer and it would be c r a z y!! x

  4. I didn't realise so many stars changed their names. I wonder what I would change mine too...

    1. Haha I know - so interesting! It would be fun to choose something 'star like' and glamorous! x

  5. So much happening! I can't get enough of reality TV and like Switch Therapy more than I thought I would :)


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