10 April 2016

What you need to know: When Booking a Beauty Appointment

Today I thought I would bring you something a little different - some tips on what you need to know when booking your next beauty appointment. Whether it be a beautician, nail artist or hairdresser, Sky from Livindigo is sharing her tips on how to get the most out of your appointment,  save money and how to shop around.

what you need to know before booking your next beauty appointment

Schedule a consultation

Take some time to meet with the stylist, especially if you have never worked with him or her before. If you are seeing a Hairdresser, take along a picture of the hairstyle you want, and make sure this stylist is the right fit for you.
Make sure you like the products the salon uses are products you like and if you have any allergies - check the ingredients.
 Also shop around and read reviews on Yelp or Livindigo
Look for Deals
While discussing the financial aspect of the appointment, try to look for package deals. Some salons will offer discount services if you purchase packages, because not only will you buy it, but it will bring you back- and that is exactly what they want! So it’s basically a Win-Win situation. You can look for online discounts if it is a popular salon, or ask if there is a mailing list to sign up for discounts and specials. You also can check if they have discount loyalty cards.
It may not seem like an immediate deal, but the closer you get to that free service, the better you will feel about having the loyalty card. Another thing I like to do is ask if they have any discounts for writing reviews on social websites, or following their social media pages, that can save you anywhere from $5 to 20% off which may not seem like much, but hey, every penny counts!

Another option is booking your appointment on Livindigo. That way if you cannot find the time to schedule a consultation, you can not only read reviews on the stylist and beauty salon, but you can get great discounts as well. It’s a great tool to get all the initial work done without having to make two trips. 
Plus, it’s a pretty simple process too! You can browse salons by service and take advantage of their “Last Minute Deals” sections. If you are anything like me, then booking appointments ahead of time isn't always plausible given your schedule, so that option is a bonus!

Skip the Extras
You must remember, at the end of the day, the hairstylist, makeup artist, or nail technician has an aspect of sales in their role. They will always try to upsell you their salon stocked products. Your job is to know what you need and do not get sold on anything you don’t need. For example, some salons will offer you a “Treatment Conditioner” as a special add-on service, but that is something you can do at home. It’s as simple as getting a leave in conditioner, putting it in your hair, and wearing a shower cap for a couple of hours.
I like to take that time to read a book or even clean my house. 
Whilst you are in the salon, you can also ask for samples (hey it doesn't hurt to try!). This way, you can get familiar with the products they sell and next time you visit the salon you could ask for a package deal on your treatment and products.

Shop around
I was taught growing up that you never want to pick your first choice. Or at least right away. My Dad would always say, “Kid, don’t be so quick to spend your money!” Now as much as it may sound like a line from any given quirky teenage movie, it really stuck with me and has kept me from making many impulsive buys and mistakes! I stick by it today and I encourage you to take sound advice from Dad as well! Now the final tip I have for you is…..

Don't be late!
Once you get that appointment, show up 5-10 minutes early so that you’re calm and collected to partake of your beauty service. This serenity will set the tone of your appointment. The beauty service provider will see that you respect his or her time and will love you for it! You don’t want to be hit with some avoidable late fee or cancellation if you can help it. A wise person once said, “Being fashionably late is NOT fashionable at all!”

I hope this post helps you save some money and helps you look good doing it!


You can visit Livindigo here, or on Facebook or Instagram.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend x
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