10 May 2016

Ocean Blues

I am sun drenched and totally dosed up on ocean blue hues at the moment.

I have just spent the last week in the sun at a beautiful campground at Brooms Head on the Clarence Coast. Have you been to Brooms Head before?

It has a population of 250 people, a caravan park and a corner store. It is a tiny village that is the perfect place to unwind and relax. There is literally no where to do and nothing to do but absorb yourself in the surrounding nature.

Camped right on the beach front, we lapped up the sunshine and salt, with ocean views from our tent. Better than a five star resort! 

With no city lights or haze, the sky was crystal clear at night, not a cloud and stars so bright. We spotted venus, the milky way and the saucepan whilst sitting back in camp chairs around the fire each night. Jacket potatoes were cooked in the fire's coals, popcorn was popped over the fires flames and plenty of campfire stories were told.

Mornings were spent at the beach, in the ocean, resting under the beach umbrella with a book, fishing, 4wding along the beaches and exploring the headlands and coastal walks. 

Some days, the only footprints on the beach were our own.

The colours of nature so bright and beautiful.

There was so much beauty, every where you looked. 

From the morning sunrises, to the afternoon dusk hues, the ocean blues and of course the orange coloured sands on the headland. 

Its so beautiful and contrasting. 

There is nothing like nature to brighten your day!

Hubby took his new drone along and had a great time getting some footage and videos along the beach. He would send it out flying along the beach to check for good fishing spots. So incredible to utilise technology in this way!

What did you think of these overhead shots? Pretty awesome huh?!

Do you know what the best bit was though? 
That we were able to take our fur baby Coopar along too! Our four legged buddy comes everywhere with us and the day prior to leaving for our trip, we spent the afternoon packing the car and camper trailer. Coopar at this time knew the camping trip was looming and took it upon himself to pack himself into the car...then refusing to get out. There was no way he was going to be left behind. 

It has taken Coopar a solid 48 hours to recover from his holiday I think, after sleeping the whole way home, spread out over the back seat, he skipped dinner that night, choosing instead to sleep through it. Waking the next morning he got up, stretched, ate breakfast, then snoozed in the sun all morning. It was not until that evening he bounced back to life and had some energy. All that sea gull chasing and fun in the sun you know. Ohhh the life of a dog!

All the ocean blues and beauty had me pinning like crazy over on my Pinterest pageIt takes me back to the week that just was...all those ocean blues and colours of nature.
Just click the Pinterest image and get scrolling and pinning too!

 pinit.jsI love nothing more than camping and living outdoors. 

Are you a camping fan? Do you take your four legged friend along too?
 Or do you prefer to sleep indoors when holidaying, are crisp linen sheets more your thing?
 Any fabulous camping spots I need to know about, I am always looking for my next destination! 

Hope you enjoyed my ocean blues.
 I apologise in advance for the mass holiday spam...they were just too beautiful to share. I also sincerely apologise if you are reading this in our southern states, I hear that it is awfully chilly already in Victoria and quite rainy. Definitely not what you want to see! But hopefully enough to convince you to venture north - perhaps a holiday?:P

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  1. Oh my Gosh!! How absolutely divine. How do you return to real life after that?! :)

    1. I know Renee - it's touch. Beachfront living at its best!x

  2. I've never heard of Brooms Head or the Clarence Coast - I'm guessing somewhere near the Clarence River in northern NSW (if my memory serves me right?). This looks and sounds absolutely perfect. My only problem with camping is that I need to go for a wee walk AT LEAST once per night so like to have facilities close at hand!

    Visiting from Team IBOT x

    1. It is just south of Yamba Janet, a truly beautiful place! I agree, I limit my liquid intake after 6pm and try to hold through the night. Nothing worse than waking to trek to amenities! Thanks for stopping by from IBOT xx

  3. Beach camping is my favourite kind of camping. We do quite a lot of it in Summer and it's just the best.
    That looks like a beautiful location.

    1. So glad to hear from a fellow camp enthusiast! I love it and grew up camping, so living outdoors to me is fabulous! This was luxury though having amenities as I have done a week at Fraser Island with no toilets or showers. Thanks for another fabulous link up this week x

  4. What a beautiful place. I have never been there but going off your gorgeous pics it is somewhere I think I would like to go to. How's your prime camp position too!!! xx

    1. We had the place to ourselves, it was brilliant. We went just after a long weekend, so there was a mass evacuation! You should bring that gorgeous new set of wheels up north and escape the cold!:P xx

  5. What a beautiful spot! Camping is my nemesis but I think even I could learn to love camping if it was in a place like this! How wonderful that you could take Cooper too - now, that's what I call a family holiday :)

    1. Yes he is super spoilt, we wouldn't go unless we could take him. He just loves it so much and has such a great time! On the way home he was so exhausted from all the fun in the sun, it was so funny x


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