11 May 2016

Ultimate Winter Fashion Edit

I am told there is a cold snap coming.

 Which is fair enough, since we are well and truly through Autumn and on our way into Winter. If you saw my post yesterday about my ocean blues, you would be thinking otherwise. Yes here on the East Coast we have been experiencing 27 degree days and perfect beach weather. Tough gig I know!

In saying that, I feel like I need to be prepared, so today I am sharing some winter wardrobe staples.


 boots - coats - anoraks - maxi dress - scarf - wrap

Here are my Ultimate Winter Fashion pieces

1An anorak.
The ultimate  for the cooler months, a great anorak will see you through the autumn/winter season and is perfect thrown over jeans or with leggings. See my pick here.

2A maxi dress.
I have two beautiful long sleeved maxi dresses that are fabulous in the cooler weather. I have my eye on this beauty. Perfect to wear on those in between days when layers are not required and you can get away with this floaty beauty.

3A scarf.
Every wardrobe needs a few different coloured scarves. You cannot go wrong with a black and white check scarf like this one. Perfect to throw on for a little extra warmth and to layer up!

I have one pair of ankle boots and am eagerly looking around at the moment at buying another pair. These suede boots with a stiletto heel are a look that wont date and will see you through many winter seasons.

5A wrap.
I purchased a wrap like this one last winter. I don't know why I had waited to long to add this winter staple to my wardrobe. Perfect to take along to the cinemas, a picnic or throw over your shoulders when taking a walk. They may look a little awkward, but trust me, you will get great use from it!

6A coat.
A winter coat is the wardrobe necessity, but there is no need to spend alot. I love this bargain Kmart buy, the fur and button toggles add texture and interest to the jacket and its long enough to wear over a long sleeve or jacket. Make sure when you buying you purchase it bigger enough to fit over all your layers!

Any must haves that I need to know about that are in your wardrobe? 
Are you a fan of ankle boots too?
 Where do you shop for your winter staples?

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
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  1. Love the maxi dress and this look - I think I need one of those wraps. They are so beautiful and you are right, I think I would get great use out of it!!! Michelle xx

  2. I love that coat. I can't believe it's K Mart! I love ankle boots too, I am desperate to add some tan coloured ones to my collection this winter. I get most of my clothes from the UK but the only problem with buying my winter wardrobe there is that the clothes are a bit too warm for an Australian winter which is so mild in comparison!

    1. Ohh well aren't you the international fashionista?!:P
      So true, our Aussie winter is so mild and all that thermal and thick fabrics really isn't needed. Yes, let me know what boots you buy this winter. I am so keen to add a few more to my collection! x

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  3. The best thing about winter is the fashion! I'm eyeing off a new coat but just can't decide. And yes... huge fan of ankle boots! Xx

    1. Ankle boots are so versatile aren't they! I often wear them with a maxi or jeggings. I hate jeans, way too tight and restricting! Thanks for stopping by x

  4. I am enjoying the cool down. Jeans are my winter go to. I don't do many days without them. I saw a really nice jacket in Just Jeans today but couldn't do it for the double denim. :)

    1. I love denim jackets. I had wanted one for years and finally found one in Just Jeans last year (and on sale wooo!). I wore it non stop, but never double denim :P xx

  5. Sammie - did you get to Big W to try on the Emerson ones? Failing that I saw some nice ones at Williams shoes around the $80 mark of course if you are more coordinated than me and can walk in stilettos go the nine wests!
    Ashlea - I got two pairs of Emerson flat fake suede ankle boots from Big W for $15 each! One in black and one in tan. The best thing is they look pricey but they aren't and I am not going to stress if they get dirty when I wear them to my son's footy!

  6. Ashlea
    I just found this gorgeous Maxi dress from a company called Stitch'd they are an Aussie based Ethical clothing store. It is a gorgeous mushroom colour. I will need to knit myself up a wrap I think! The other piece I want to add to my wardrobe is a pair of jeans from Rockmans I tried on their total jean they were so comfy I could wear them all day and usually I am not a jean fan I find them constrictive at times!
    Thanks for all the ideas!
    Cat xoxo

    1. Cat thanks so much for introducing me to Stitch'd! What a great sustainable business, I love what they are about. I too find jeans so constricting and do all I can to avoid wearing them! total jean sounds good though, I might just call in next time I go past! x


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