19 May 2016

Feature Friday: A true Queenslander

Queenslander homes are so grand aren't they?

Located in Brisbane's inner north, this Queenslander family home was once a small home, which had a large extension recently added to it.

People often say to live in a home before renovating it.
 To get a feel for the breeze, light, aspects and of course know the home in and out throughout the seasons. The owners of this home waited ten years before renovating, in that time the family of five, outgrew the original modest home that stood on the block.

When this home popped up in my facebook news feed thanks to Homes To Love, I immediately wanted to see more and I know you do too. As it's Feature Friday Home Tour day, lets take a look inside shall we?

The renovation included a new basement garage, cellar, laundry, living areas, kitchen, bedrooms with ensuites, office, gym and spacious verandahs.
The front section of the home had mostly cosmetic changes, to allow the existing to seamlessly flow into the new extension.

So many of the classic touches of the home remain - pressed metal ceilings, detailed skirting boards and architraves and vertical joinery. You can appreciate the thought that would have went into this design to make it sync so well with the front of the original home.

The colours of the home are simple - white, shades of blue, greys all contrasted with the timber floor boards.

There are so many so many wonderful textures added to the interior of this home to add interst alongside a simple colour scheme. Some noted features were the wallpaper in the bedroom, rattan ottoman, fabric upholstery on the furniture and window furnishings.

This is definitely the type of home I would have stopped in the street to take a photo of! I have been known to yell 'stop' when I am a passenger in the car. Some houses are just too pretty to not capture!

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Want to see and know more?
See more of this home here, all photos & information sourced from Home to Love
|| Architect Andrew Gildea || Builder C&R Darvill || 
|| Interior designer Leigh Boswell of Highgate House ||

Happy Friday peeps!
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  1. I do dream about owning a Queenslander one day - a big one full of white and black walls... but not too fussy... does that makes sense? ;) xx

    1. Haha anything with wrap around verandahs and lotsa white will do me just fine. Not too fussy, I get it! :) Enjoy your weekend lovely x

  2. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the traditional Queenslander. I like the airiness of the verandahs but they aren't really my style. I like a modern twist on the original.

  3. Wow - this house is stunning. I love the sheer amount of space, white and light (plus the touches of blue throughout). We've had our house for 10 years and are planning renovations as we too have grown out of it. Seeing this gives me hope that one day (hopefully not too far away) we'll have this much space!

    1. It is incredible what you can do with a reno these days - there are so many fabulous products and options out on the market to modernise. Oh and then there is Pinterest, do stay away from there if you do't wish for your reno to get expensive :P How exciting!!! :)

  4. Oh, I love Queenslanders! And so does my husband. Definitely our dream house.

  5. I'm sure it will come as no surprise to you, that I LOVE this house!! I have drooled over it many times before, and it has played inspiration to our own renovation. xx


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