17 May 2016

iFLY + Taking The Plunge

In collaboration with iFly

When was the last time you did something that was out of your comfort zone?

I did something recently that gave me butterflies, sweaty palms and had me feeling out of my comfort zone.

I was super nervous, mostly at not knowing what to expect and fearing that I would be such a klutz and make a complete fool of myself. Isn't that how we always feel when trying something for the first time?

I impressed myself though, I technically plunged the equivalent of 14,000 feet out of a plane. But just minus the plane and parachute.
I went indoor skydiving at the Gold Coast's brand new attraction, iFly

I am not sure what I was expecting, but the surge of adrenaline that hit me smack bang in the face as I stepped into one of the worlds largest glass flight chamber where massive wind generators lift people effortlessly into flight on a cushion of air was amaaaazing. No planes - no parachutes, just the exhilarating feeling of effortless flight. I had the silliest grin on my face the whole time, trying not to look like a flapping goose, with arms and legs flying around and my cheeks literally flapping with the force of the wind. The photos are certainly not the most attractive, but I was having so much fun!
 Please don't laugh...

Not the most attractive I have ever felt - with over 200km winds in my face, goggles strapped to my face and the silliest grin. But I loved every second  of it. Feeling so light and free...

Hubby came too and of course, on his first attempt, the instructor just stepped aside and let him do his thing. You see, he is boringly brilliant at everything. Anything he tries for the first time he nails. Here he is, in perfect poise, just flying around!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is something we should all do every now and then. When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?
 The type where you feel clammy hands, wobbly knees and the butterflies in your stomach?

Anyone who has pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone knows that to really challenge yourself, can bring amazing results. It did for me! I was so proud of myself, surrendering to the experience and just letting go. Literally. My body was flying, I was in control to a certain extent of my movements (which is great, because I am a control freak!) and I was having the time of my life!

Go on, step outside of your comfort zone!
There are such great benefits:

- you will learn to deal with feelings like fear and uncertainty 
- helps you to be spontaneous if things don't go the way you planned
- you will grow as a person 
- encourages your creativity
- boosts your confidence
- changes your outlook and perceptions

I just have to include this quote too - so perfect and fitting for my experience.

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” leonardo da vinci

Yes, I am hooked on flying. I will talk about it to anyone who will listen and cannot wait to return one day and do it again. Or, I might just get extra ballsy and actually do it. That is, jump out of a plane. It is something I have always wanted to do, but as I have gotten older, I have developed a fear of heights. Has this happened to you too?

(update - giveaway now closed. Winer was announced on Instagram, congratulations Emma

I would love for you to experience something that will make you step outside of your comfort zone and am so excited to have a double pass to give away today. 

With the option to visit either the Sydney or brand new Gold Coast iFly state of the art indoor skydiving centre, you will win iFLY Intro flight for two people up to the value of $218!

All you have to do is tag a friend on the competition post.
 So easy! No reposting or anything required. 
So get tagging and good luck!
Competition closes 10pm Friday 20th May  2016.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving has been popular not only among keen skydivers but also with families and those who have always dreamed of flying but are looking for a safer alternative to jumping out of a plane. The instructors are professional, globally recognised sports people with years of training under their belts. You will love it trust me! If not, give the gift voucher as a gift or save it for next school holidays. Bonus!
The prize is an iFly Intro flight for two people up to the value of $218 amd includes:
- Easy check in & comprehensive pre-flight training session
- Flight suit, helmet, ear plugs and safety goggles
- At least two flights in the tunnel equivalent to 2 skydives from 14,000 feet!
- Hands-on personal assistance from your highly trained instructor
- Souvenir flight certificate
iFLY Downunder (Sydney) voucher is for 2 x Intro passes valued at $109 each ($218RRP total)
 iFLY Gold Coast voucher is for 2 x Intro passes valued at $99 each ($198RRP total)
This competition is open until 10pm AEST on the 20th May 2016

The winners will be announced on this blog and contacted Instagram. 
The prize is not transferable, changeable or redeemable for cash.
This competition is open to Australian Residents only and you must be able to attend either Sydney or Gold Coast iFLY at your own travel costs.
This giveaway is not associated, sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram.
This giveaway will be drawn by a random number generator.

Good Luck and be sure to get your entry in over on Instagram!
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  1. How much fun is this! I have always wanted to do this. Shame I am in Melbourne!

    1. The voucher is valid until June 2017, so you never know, you just might need to plan a holiday to either GC or Sydney to use it:P x

  2. I've entered! This would be amazing! My fear of doing such things has increased since I've entered my 40's but I've also become braver in gritting my teeth, stepping out of my comfort zone and doing such things! Life's too short not to experience it to the full! I'd love to love flying a go!

    1. Oh YAY I love your enthusiasm and take on life. It sure is too short to never try fabulous new things. Good luck and thanks for entering!! x

  3. My grandson and his cousin did this and loved it ...at least it looked like they did from the pics! My family is in Sydney so I will enter the comp and see what happens! It looks amazing fun. Denyse #teamIBOT

    1. Fabulous Denyse, best of luck. What a great gift that would be for the boys! :)

  4. I'm definitely entering - I would love to do this! I'm too chicken to jump out of a plane, but the sensation of floating on air, pretending to fly - YES PLEASE!!!

    1. It was so incredible Janet. I uploaded a video to my facebook page last night of me, gosh it was such a buzz and thrill. Life is too short to not try these fun and risky things!! xx

  5. You are far braver than I. The thought of flying even indoors is almost too much to bear, I'm going to keep my feet firmly on the ground! I do like getting out of comfort zone just as long as it's on the ground :)

  6. I so badly want to do this. Actually I too always said I would jump out of a plane but Ive lost my nerve. Ive paraglided off a mountain in New Zealand but I probably wouldnt ever do it again xx

    1. You little daredevil! Perhaps the voucher could be for the boys, I know they would have fun with it. It is kids and adults - they are so much braver than us, they would love it!! x


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