5 July 2016

E is for Excitement

Today is an exciting day!
We are picking up the keys to our new home. We are calling it our dream home, even thought its a tiny two bedroom brick and tile cottage! We know that soon it will be transformed into our dream home.
With two bedrooms, a bathroom and tony kitchen and living its most luxurious feature was its three air-conditioners! I had to laugh, three?
 In a house that small?

We have BIG plans for this home and are currently waiting on our Architect to show us his first initial sketches and drawings. It will be so great to see it all come to life in 3D!

The house block already had this existing slab, as the previous owner had intentions to extend and renovate. 

There is just over one acre that backs onto a nature reserve with a creek, complete with ducks and the widest variety of birdlife.

It truly was this lush green grass and beautiful backyard that sold us!
I know that our fur baby will LOVE having this as his home and I must admit, we sort of did buy the house for him...
I mean we loved the block and could see the potential, but knowing that we had unlimited walking trails and reserve at our back gate to explore with Coopar was so appealing.

Here is a shot looking back from the reserve through to our home and also the neighbouring park only two doors down!

The location is fabulous, only about 2 kms from our current home now and its 'ín town' acreage - so only minutes from the beach, shops and everything still! I wanted to live on acreage but I didn't want to be driving for what feels like forever to get anywhere.

So big and exciting things happening here over the next few months. By the time council comes back to us with approvals, we don't expect to be able to make any progress until late August at this stage.

In the interim, we will be doing what we can:
lopping trees
planting gardens
building retaining walls
fencing our perimeter
starting to strip and gut the existing home

There is lots to be done!

So are so over the moon and super excited. We had been looking and stalking the real estate market for a long time and when this home popped up as a new listing we told the agent we were interested and would be making an offer before viewing it. We knew that it had the bones and the outlook to make it a great home, our dream home. We are so excited to have the opportunity to build and do what we want. Whereas other properties we looked at, we would have been leaving all the existing structure and perhaps doing a coat of paint or so. It wound't have felt like ours, or what we wanted.

I can see us living in this home for a very long time.

So like our first home that we finished renovating just a little over eighteen months ago, we will be sharing this build and renovation here with you right here on the blog.

Stay tuned peeps!
Exciting things to come xx

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  1. Looks amazing Ashlea, so nice to be on acreage but still so close to everything. Looking forward to seeing the transformation. Good luck & congratulations��

    1. Thanks Jules! Nothing is quick with renovating, but hope to be in around the New Year xx

  2. It is such a fantastic time when you get your own property. I still loace and think I'm too young for all this

  3. Congrats! It was a year and a half ago that we got the keys to our house. That day definitely ranks up as one of the top five for me. :D It will be fun to see where you take this. We are preparing to update the kitchen in ours. I guess some people just love the smell of sawdust. LOL

    1. Haha I certainly don't love the smell of sawdust and hate the endless dust when renovating - but you just have to keep the big picture in mind :) It does look fabulous eventually!! xx

  4. That's awesome news guys - so much potential there and loads of space. Looking forward to seeing the updates.

    Cheers, Col

    1. Thanks Col - hopefully Council works in our favour and we can get the show on the road soon. Nothing worse than waiting on them to come back and deliver the verdict!! Cheers

  5. What an amazing spot. Looking forward to following your adventures!

    1. Thanks Janet - certainly will be an adventure :P

  6. How exciting for you both, I can't wait to follow your journey and wish you happiness and success for the future. xox

    Awesome news, I'm so excited for you lovely!
    What a wonderful new adventure, it's going to be just beautiful, look forward to seeing it all. xx

    1. Thanks Sarah! Certainly will be an adventure - just need to nail the final house plans and then its off to Council we go. Let the fun begin xx

  8. How exciting! I would have even sold on that backyard as well! It looks amazing :)

  9. Oh hun - how exciting. So happy for you guys and I cannot wait to see what you do with this house xx

    1. Thanks lovely Sonia! I feel like I am tinkering on the edge, about to embark on a messy, dusty and busy couple of months! It will be worth it in the end :) xx


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