6 May 2014

A DIY Hamptons, Coastal, White Washed Side Table

I love beachy white, rustic edges and a DIY challenge. 

I wanted to create a side table for the entrance of my home to compliment my driftwood mirror
I needed it to be quite high, with a simple but catching design that would be easy to DIY. I came up with a Hampton inspired table that was narrow and perfect for the space I had to work with.
The original design that inspired me used only five pieces of pallet timber and was painted in a shabby vintage blue which I loved. Having used pallet timber in other DIY projects, I opted to use a sanded interior pine for this project. It is easier to cut and provides a smoother finish. 
I headed to the hardwood store and purchased:

- 4 x 900mm pine lengths (these make up the slatted legs)
- 2 x 1800mm pine lengths (these made up the criss cross supports)
- 2 x 900mm pine lengths (these made up the table leg bases)
- 2 x 1200mm pine lengths (these made up the table top)

Overall measurements of the table was 1200mm long, 800mm high and 280mm wide 

I opted to make my table top and legs double the width, so I glued and then screwed two pieces of pine together. The project looked something like this...

I then puttied the screw holes, let it dry, sanded it back and applied two coats of white flat paint with a wet sponge. Yep that's right, not even a paint brush and it took a quarter of the time! I find to achieve a beachy whitewash look that is smooth and consistent in colour application it is best to use a wet sponge as the applicator gives it a flawless look. Its also more cost effective than expensive white wash paints.

I was so excited to show you the final result, I was madly dashing around the house grabbing bibs and bobs to put on the tabletop. I just couldn't wait to share with you my little masterpiece. But lastly the best bit of the whole project? It only cost $77.20! :)


PS: Check back in later in the week - I will be sharing with you an amazing renovation project from 1970's dull to beach glam!

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  1. Really nice post, keep sharing :)

  2. I am thinking of making something like this myself. Do you think that the cross beams are just decorative or are they structurally important?

    1. Thanks Malinda for stopping by. I think the cross beams are more decorative. If you are not putting anything too heavy on the table top then I can't see it being a problem not having them. Goodluck, let me know how it goes! :)

  3. I really like that Aslea, It's a simple build and yet like the end result.


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