13 May 2014

Feature Friday - A Palm Beach home with a Glam, Coastal feel!

Today I am sharing with you an amazing home renovation in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast.
This home has undergone an amazing transformation and is the ultimate coastal retreat. This home belongs to my Sister and was some of the inspiration behind my blog name 'Glamour Coastal Living'. Both my sister and I share a style we call 'Glamour Coastal'. Its a combination of coastal, Hampton, glamorous - its us, our homes and our style. Both our home renovations reflect this style!

This home has come along way since my Sister and her husband purchased it in June 2012, its transformed from a 1970's styled brick home to an open plan, bright and airy, modern home. The before and after pictures are incredible and I am so excited to share those with you today!

Let’s take a closer look shall we…

BEFORE The exterior was dull and lifeless. It had strong, structural foundations but needed a makeover.The home was crying out for some love!

BEFORE Orange and brown tiles, timber window trims, fluorescent lighting - the kitchen was a typical 1970's style and its only options was to demolish and start again!
BELOW Removing the floor tiles. A painful task, but saves you alot instead of having the tiler charge you an hourly rate for it!

BELOW The living room was spacious and airy, it just needed some life, less fluorescent lighting and to remove the sliding glass door that was bolted shut without a key!

BELOW The bathroom had loose tiles, a water logged vanity and the purple and grey colour scheme of tiles was blinding. The bathroom was gutted, redesigned to work with this space better and now feels seamless, modern and timeless. 

BEFORE The backyard featured three garden sheds, a clothesline taking up the main lawn area and worn concrete. It desperately needed landscaping, to relocate the clothesline so it was no longer a focal point and some general TLC. 

This home makes you want to relax and unwind. Its a coastal sanctuary.
Its the sort of home that you could imagine living in. The sort of home you want to live in. You can see yourself cooking in the kitchen, entertaining around the pool or catching the afternoon sun and reading on the front alfresco area.

The home is full of life, style and light. The white walls embrace the homes North East aspect and allows the light to bounce and brighten the home. When you walk inside you are immediately impressed and can appreciate the work that has gone into this project - it has perfect finishes, a modern timeless design and clean lines. Its a fantastic place to live, play and rest in equal measure.

It is a home; in every sense of the word. 
I asked Serena to share a few words about her home and this two year renovation project...

My Style: Coastal Glam
Inspiration: Mother Nature and her beauty, mixed with colour and pretty things
Favorite Room: Kitchen/Dining area 
Biggest Challenge:  Making decisions in terms of the homes layout and the order of each project
Biggest Indulgence: The Kiln dried QLD Spotted Gum Hardwood fence, followed by the kitchen. 
Best Advice: Live in the house for a while, see the direction of the sun follow its path, get to know your neighbours patterns etc. This will give you a clearer vision of the total project and which direction to take - in other words 'can you visualise a total transformation?' - what does it look like? And most importantly...how are you going to get there?

Are you ready for the after photos now?! 

AFTER The bathroom features a large vanity with plenty of storage, an oversized indulgent shower with a recessed shelf, stainless steel edges and a tile colour choice that wont date.

AFTER The master bedroom is painted a deep shade of blue, which is said to attribute peace and serenity to a bedroom surrounding and help you relax and sleep. Combined with the white shutters and soft timber furnishings, this room feels like a sanctuary and a place to relax and unwind.

AFTER  The centre of any home is the kitchen and this home is not any different, The kitchen is the focal point, with its beautiful shell chandelier hanging from the ceiling and stacker doors which open the kitchen onto the alfresco outdoor area.

AFTER  This kitchen is a place where you want to cook, share a meal with family and enjoy the feel. The kitchen features a custom blue splashback, ceasar stone benchtops, a deep recessed sink and my favourite feature - a spot for all of your appliances, in a open shelf which you can have bi fold doors to close when not in use.

AFTER  The door in the living room has been replaced with glass louvers which create a beachy feel and let the breeze flow through the house.

AFTER  You no longer look at this home and see a dull and lifeless brick. It features grey rendered walls, new white window frames, stacker stone feature pillars, hardwood timber fence and electric gate and a newly painted Charcoal roof which frames the home and provides depth and warmth. 

AFTER  How perfect does this look to unwind with its newly landscaped tropical gardens, lush green lawns and crystal clear pool. That hammock under the palm trees looks so inviting!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post. Its one that I have been excited to show when watching this renovation project from the sidelines (and joining in sometimes too!). If you have any questions about the renovation, products used or just want to leave some kind words - comment in the box below!

Thanks Sis for letting me share your home x

I hope you all loved this homes transformation and its glamour coastal style!


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  1. Oh Ashlea, what a transformation! Love this post. Simply amazing how a dated house can be made over. What foresight they had. I love the blue bedroom. It looks fabulous. Will your sister & hubby be next on house rules or the block? :)

    1. Thanks Sally, it truly is amazing isn't it! I helped them paint the blue room and I wasn't sure at the time, but seeing the finished result its beautiful and so peaceful. I think they have had enough renovating for now, but you never know they might show up on a reality renovation show :P x

  2. I will share on my facebook page x

  3. This is really inspiring, I've just started looking to buy and it's making me want to buy and renovate!

    1. So inspiring...Oh what an exciting time for you, I hope you find something perfect for you. The best bit is making it your own and putting your own style into it to make it a 'home!'. Thanks for stopping by x

  4. WOW - that is AMAZING !! This is the level of change we hope to achieve with our current renovation. I'm just thankful our floor tiles (that go through the whole house) are more neutral and can stay, unlike those psychedelic ones in the kitchen here!! It takes a lot of vision to see past what it is now, and what it can potentially be at the end of a reno. It's posts like these that reaffirm that you are on the right track and can see past what others can't. Thanks for sharing your sister's reno Ashlea.

    Cheers, Col

    1. haha I had to laugh at your comment at the tiles. You have to wonder what they were thinking! The home looks amazing and there was a clear vision from the start which a;ways helps. I must admit I was a little doubtful at first!

  5. Thanks for sharing this property with us. It looks very beautiful and amazing.

    home renovations gold coast


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