8 August 2014

Adding Some Curb Appeal to My Home - Feature Friday

Nearly two years ago when we were house hunting for our first home I disregarded our house. I sat out the front of the house in the car and turned my nose up. I was struggling to see it's potential and visualise how we could transform it. Basically I didn't want to buy our house as it didn't have any curb appeal. It was bland, brick and boring. Now, we have major curb appeal and its a BIG improvement (it took a lot of work and lots of weekends though!)!!

Today I am showing you some of my home renovation as part of my Feature Friday post. The front of our home and transforming it has been a big project that we have tackled in several smaller steps. You may have already seen that we have installed new windows and doors to our home, painted the brick exterior, built a new front deck and done some serious landscaping. but you haven't seen how it has all come together so far. In between these projects we painted the front garage doors and did a feature wall at the front in stacker stone. It really transformed the house and modernised it. 

Here are the photos that tell the story of how we added some serious curb appeal...
BEFORE Front Garage Doors were a daggy heritage green colour. Structurally they were in good working order, but needed some new paint to freshen them up and extend their life.
BEFORE Starting the preparation to paint the front garage doors. We used an airless spray gun and exterior paint suitable for a metal surface. 
BEFORE Priming the garage doors

BEFORE The exciting bit - first coat of paint being applied
AFTER Newly painted doors in Colorbond colour 'Woodland Grey'

Once the garage doors were painted, this is when we tackled the exterior brick. You may remember seeing the before and after photos here on the blog. We always intended to do a feature over the front brick walls and when we heard about a building materials sale of liquidated stock taking place we knew we had an answer. We purchased stacker stone panels to install straight over the brick. They came in large tile panels and using an adhesive, stuck straight to the wall. We were so lucky to come across this liquidation sellout, as we saved 70% off recommended retail and were able to DIY install them ourselves. Here is what it looks like now...

AFTER new stacker stone as a feature to the front walls

If you have been following the progress of our homes renovation, you would know that we also replaced the front deck as it has started to rot and for safety needed replacing. It was a major project that would really change the homes curb appeal. Of course this meant painting and lots of it once the deck structure was completed. You may have seen me on Instagram posting about just how much painting and sanding was to be done. Here is how we tackled the painting part of the project....

BEFORE There was 1.2km of pickets to paint white...Oh boy it was a big job!
BEFORE We tackled the job in our usual fashion - with an airless spray gun. It cuts painting time by 90%, there is no comparison! Here we are laying the pickets out on the front lawn, ready for their first coat.
BEFORE In the middle of sealing and painting the first coat...

PROGRESS In the middle of sealing and painting the first coat to the timber structure uprights. The white pickets had been painted and were ready to install.

PROGRESS The first coat of painting done (phew!). We chose a wide handrail topper to give definition and something to lean on. It's a lovely spot to catch the breeze on a Summers afternoon... 

We have made some good progress with the front of the house and transforming it. The power of paint is undeniable and I cannot rate it high enough. I hope to share some more of the progress with you in the coming weeks. We still need to put a final top coat of paint on and some more finishing touches. For now though I cannot stop staring at it and marveling. In my eyes its better than what I ever imagined Hubby and I could achieve together. A little bit of hardwork and DIY skills goes a long way that's for sure!

Tell me, what do you think of my homes new curb appeal?

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  1. Looks great Ash! Bet you're putting your neighbours to shame ;)

    1. Haha yep, I think we are inspiring them as the neighbours have recently got the paintbrush out too! :)

  2. Looks so much better! Amazing what paint can do

    1. Thank you Leanne! Have now stumbled across your page, love the name and theme colours of your blog :) Look forward to seeing more!

  3. Hey Ashlea, just found your blog after you commented on mine :)
    Wow the improvement just a little paint can make is crazy. I love the stacker stone too, its a really nice feature. Looking forward to seeing more updates x

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Thanks, I love the stacker stone too. Even considering it as a feature in the bathroom now :) x


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