9 July 2015

Visitors Coming? How to speed clean your house!

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Do you know the feeling? 
The one where you get a text from a family member or friend saying they will pop over in a short while? You then look around your house...it's like a bomb has hit it...there is no where for them to even sit...the lounge is covered in washing...the kitchen table has been used to house this weeks catalogues and mail...yep, so you know that feeling?

Today we are faking having a clean house. Here is how to get yourself out of that sticky situation - here are my five tips on how I speed clean my house. 

|| 1. Pick up 

This is the most important step.
 Aim to contain your about-to-arrive guest in one area like the living area, this will make the clean up quicker and will also mean you can dump armfuls of stuff in bedrooms - then close the door!
Starting with the kitchen/living area gather anything lying on the floor, on lounges, chairs or across table surfaces. Then hit the kitchen and load any dishes into the dishwasher - once again shut the door and voilĂ  a clean kitchen!
On first impression, if your surfaces are clean it gives the impression of a clean and tidy home.

|| 2. Wipe Surfaces 

Now is the time to grab a damp cloth and some surface spray and get wiping. Wipe down the kitchen benches, the kitchen table and any where else that is looking a little grimy and worse for wear. Don't be precious about it, flick all the food or crumbs from the kitchen bench onto the floor as we will get to them in the next step.

|| 3. Sweep/Vacuum

I have timber floorboards and they show all the dust and dog hair, especially in the morning sun that shines into my living space. Remember, its not only about looking clean, its also important to feel clean. Don't go to all the effort of windexing mirrors and shining surfaces if you are going to have last nights dinner across the floor and your guests will feel that underfoot. Run the vacuum over the floors in the living area or even just sweep the areas that are high foot traffic. 

|| 4. Smell nice

Now that your surfaces and floors are looking clean, it's time to make it feel homely. scented candle or a reed diffuser is a great way to have a beautiful smelling home that oozes ambience and warmth. Plus, if you have just gone a little berserk with cleaning products, it might be a nice way to tone down the smell of chemicals. I love walking into a home with a beautiful smelling candle lit and often use this trick to create a lovely atmosphere at home. If you have kids and little ones then a diffuser is a great option, pop it high up on a shelf out of reach from the little ones and it will give a great aroma all day long. Easy!

|| 5. Fluff the cushions

Now that you have picked up the four loads of laundry that was covering your lounge, make it looks comfy by fluffing the cushions and drape a throw rug over one side. If you want to pretend you are on The Block, then you could even karate chop your cushions for 'that look' the judges always loved. Okay, now the pretty cushions are done its now time to sit down, put your feet up and enjoy a cup of tea. Remember you want to look like that was no effort and that your home is always this clean! 

Any to tips you want to share? 
It is such a divided debate - I do it to some cushions, but it depends on the style! Which side of the debate are you on?

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  1. I absolutely do not karate chop my cushions! I'm in the I don't like it camp. However I am a great speed cleaner, these tips are great! xx

  2. i think all my cleaning is speed cleaning!

  3. Great tips! I'm more of a cushion fluffer than a karate chopper... martial arts have never really been my thing!

  4. This is the only kind of cleaning I think I do!

  5. My onl;y kind of big cleaning too - a basket for all the paper clutter - then hide it.

  6. I have attempted to karate chop my cushions but felt like such a douche doing it that I just couldn't anymore. I was a little "who do I think I am? Shayna Blaze!" moment. Great tips. :)

  7. This is usually the only cleaning I do! Haha I hate cleaning so much that I would rather have a frantic 30mins than a slow clean over hours.


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