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1 December 2015

November - life lately


What a rollercoaster of a month it has been! There was some wonderful highs (a wedding + a trip to Noosa!) and some very emotional lows, with the passing of my Grandma earlier in the month. 

There was lots of swimming in the pool - evening late night moonlit swims thanks to having pool solar that made the pool warmer than a bath even late at night.

Christmas decorations were setup and even the Christmas tree!
 Normally I wait until the 1st of December, but this year we put lots of extra lights up outside and I wanted to be able to enjoy them for that little bit extra.

There were lots of glorious beach days, with sand so white and water so blue.

I even did a 5 day body cleanse, getting rod of all the toxins and feeling fresher for Summer.

I shopped secret Santa style, joining in on a worldwide gift exchange, although my lucky giftee is from Brisbane. So much fun!

I love being able to look back over the month that was through the eyes of Instagram and reflect and appreciate the month that was - including all the highs lows.

Here is what November looked like...

22 November 2015

I cleansed + detoxed (& survived!)

I am so proud of myself - seriously! I kicked butt with a 5 day gentle body cleanse this week. I detoxed from gluten, dairy, meat sugar, caffeine, and all the toxins your body builds up on a vegan cleanse. 

My aim?
 To be healthier, happier, have better digestion and more hormonally balanced. 

I did it via a 5 day meal plan by Nat Kringoudis and loved it. All the meals were mapped out and it even had a shopping list, which was super awesome going to the supermarket and having everything mapped out for you. There was lots of salads, berries, veges and simple 'back to basics' meals. I was super lucky to have the support of Hubby and he joined in for the 5 days. It would have been super hard doing it on my own and watching him across the table devouring everything I could not eat!

16 November 2015

Around here lately

Hello, it has been a busy week here! 

You might remember a few weeks ago when I had wedding fever? I was posting about wedding flower bouquets and getting excited to go to my cousins wedding in Newcastle? Well a week has flown by, it was last weekend that we road tripped down there for a whirlwind of a weekend - there was rain, storms, sunshine all in the 24 hour lead up to the wedding. The bride and groom remained very cool about it and luckily for them the ceremony was perfect sunshine. We were on the shore of Lake Macquarie and the water was so glassy, it was a stunning afternoon. Here are a few snaps of the beautiful afternoon.

1 November 2015

The month of October

I always say the last quarter of the year always flies by.
It's filled with Christmas party celebrations, Spring weddings, parties, birthdays, celebrations. It must be something about being warmer and everyone wants to have a good time and be festive! I can't believe it is the 1st of November today, the year truly is flying!

I love looking back on the month that was and taking stock, so here is a snapshot of my October.

20 October 2015

Waikiki Hawaii - Sunny Beach Days

The last instalment of my Hawaii Holiday is finally here. Today I am sharing my five nights in Waikiki. We were in Hawaii for two weeks and divided our time between:

++ Maui Island (read that post here)

++ Haleiwa, The North Shore (read that post here)

++ Waikiki

We experienced Waikiki at it's best - the ocean was crystal clear, the skies so blue and the days so hot!

13 October 2015

Disconnecting from Social Media + a Foodie Trail in the Country

I did something fabulous on Saturday morning.

I decided to not use social media for the whole weekend. 

I used my phone for that purpose only –receiving phone calls and using the camera function.  I wrote about it here on Instagram and felt joy in that others had commented, telling me that they too have phone or screen free days. It was such a great thing to do, as one friend posted, we lose so much present time and focus, being attached to our phones. Both my Husband and I made the decision to switch off social media for the weekend, as we felt it wasn’t our phone functions that we spent all of our time on, it was social media. So true we were! I kept looking at my phone and wanting to pick it up, but then would realise there is nothing to check/see/do – but be in the present moment and put my phone down.

Read on to see how we went with our social media disconnection experiment…

10 October 2015

Life lately: Dreaming, Eating, Home Stalking...

Hi there! So what has been happening this week? Lots!

I think I am still recovering after a action and fun filled long weekend last week. What about you? On Tuesday morning I couldn't start work until I had scrubbed the house from head to toe. I just couldn't focus in all the mess and once I had washed and cleaned the floors, my day was back on track and everything felt better! Do you ever get the crazy cleaning bug and do the same? 

Here is a snippet of what's been happening around here lately...

|| Home Stalking ||
Did you catch this post on Friday showing you inside this colourful coastal home? Here is the home tour for this beach side lifestyle home. I know you will love it!

7 October 2015

A weekend well spent, brings a week of content

A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content.

The same can be said of a long weekend and I can say with certainty that my long weekend was well spent. 

The weekend was full of fun and festivity and lucky for me, kicked off a day early, so I had an extra long weekend, spending Friday morning out on the ocean with Hubby in the boat. We whale watched, fished, chatted and enjoyed the sunshine. Nothing beats an early start out on the water and watching the sunrise and day form around you.

We were lucky enough to see the sun rising and the moon setting over the water as we headed out to sea.

30 September 2015

Hawaii Part 2 - Exploring The North Shore

Last week I showed you some snaps from my recent trip to Maui in Hawaii.
I know, it was hard to digest, endless sandy beaches and skies so blue. But I thought it would be worth sharing, in case you are planning a trip to Hawaii or know someone that is. 

Just to recap, we jetsetted off for two weeks in Hawaii last month, dividing our time between:
- Kaanapali on Maui Island for 5 nights (read that post here)
- Haleiwa, The North Shore Oahu for 3 nights
- Waikiki, Oahu for 5 nights

Today I am sharing with you some of my highlights, observations and experiences of The North Shore on Hawaii's Oahu island. 

There is alot to see, do and explore! 

29 September 2015

Day Trip: The Farm At Byron Bay

Have you heard of The Farm At Byron Bay

Or maybe you have been lucky enough to go there yourself? 
It's a farm located at Ewingsdale on the fringe of Byron that grows its own produce, serving it in its amazing restaurant, whilst educating and entraining you with the delights of the animals and produce they grow. Its a fabulous place to visit for all ages, I guarantee you the kids will love it. 

I was very lucky to grow up in Byron. It's even my place of birth! I was one of the last babies born in the maternity ward there before it closed. I told my Mum I was thinking of day tripping to Byron for lunch one day (it is a mere 45 minute zip down the highway from me) to visit The Farm. I hadn't been and thought it would be a nice way to enjoy the spring sunshine and try some locally grown and sourced food (I am a massive foodie!). 
A perfect date day for Hubby & I!

22 September 2015

Hawaii Part 1 - Exploring Maui Island


Hawaii had been on my list to visit for a long time, however the lengthy plane ride is what kept me from going sooner. I am a terrible flyer and anything over a seven hour flight had me feeling a little panicked. I am not sure why!

I am so glad I stepped out of my flying comfort zone and did it though - Hawaii is truly beautiful and a holiday for all ages that I think everyone would love. It was a nine hour flight from Brisbane, flying direct.

We jetsetted off for two weeks, dividing our time between:
- Kaanapali on Maui Island for 5 nights
- Haleiwa, The North Shore Oahu for 3 nights
- Waikiki, Oahu for 5 nights

My Hubby and I are the sort of travellers who cannot sit still, we are not the type to laze by a pool for a week, we like to get out and see things! So we visited two islands in the two weeks. It was brilliant!

I have had lots of lovely readers asking me where I stayed, what I did and top picks, so I thought I would share with you my Hawaii trip, breaking it up into 3 parts - Maui, The North Shore and Waikiki (as there is lots to share about all of these places)! 

There is something for everyone in Hawaii. Truly!

So, let me share with you some of my highlights, observations and experiences of Hawaii over the next three posts. There is alot to see, do and explore! 

17 September 2015

A Look I Love: Navy + Tan

My eye keeps being drawn to the colours Navy + Tan.

I love the combination together - whether it be in fashion or homewares!

Here is some Navy + Tan inspiration from Pinterest. I though you might like the colour combination too?

12 August 2015

A week out under the stars

You know when you find a spot to holiday and you just keep going back? 

It becomes familiar, you get to know the best beaches, great places to eat and things to do.
I found that spot. We have been three times now in the last eighteen months and its becoming 'our' camping spot. Nestled on a creek that flows out to the ocean, there is lots of water for fishing, swimming, surfing and beach fun. 

My best friend called a few weeks ago and told me they were heading to 'our' spot and would we care to join her and her fiancĂ© for a week of camping fun. We couldn't turn the offer down, so last week we set off for our adventure. The first day hit 27 degrees which was perfection for a winters day, then it dropped to around 20 degrees which for some may not be cold, but when you are living outdoors and sleeping in a tent 20 degrees in winter is cold! The sun was shining each day though and the beach was postcard worthy.

We spend our days walking the beach, fishing, sightseeing, exploring, 4WDing, eating and indulging. The best bit was that we were able to have a camp fire at night, so that kept us a little warmer. Here are some snaps from our getaway.

1 August 2015

Oh Hey August!

July you were cold, you made me book a holiday to Hawaii to escape the Aussie winter - but you were also pretty damn good!

Now I cannot wait until August - bring sunshine, sandy toes, cocktails and holiday vibes.

Eeeek I am squealing in excitement!
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27 July 2015

Blue Skies + Sparkly Ocean - Just Paradise!

The sky so blue.
The clouds so fluffy.
The ocean glistening in the sun.

Monday morning you were quite the stunner today!

Mr Coopar had fun in the sand digging with his stick.
I kept greeting people with this funny little grin and the words 'another day in paradise!'
I couldn't wipe the smile off my face, mother nature was just too beautiful!

Nothing beats fresh air, sand between your toes and the smell of that salty air!
It was nearly hot enough for a swim today - I kid you not!

Just bliss. 

22 July 2015

Hawaii is calling my name


I am escaping this winter weather.
Flying to Hawaii next month - on a spontaneous trip!
I have booked flights.
I have not booked accommodation.
I am so damn excited for hot summer days!

I have not been to Hawaii before and I thought I would put the call out there - any top tips? 
Places to see/do/experience? 
I would love to know, please leave me a comment below!

Here is what I have roughly planned so far:

++ I fly into Honolulu and get a domestic flight straight to Maui. I am planning on spending 5 nights on the west coast (Kaanapali) and hiring a car to see the amazing Hana coastal drive and Haleakala crater.

++ Then back to Oahu for 8 nights. I was thinking of splitting my time between the north shore to experience a slower pace and also some time in Waikiki to do the touristy shopping, Diamond Head and more.

Have you any top tips for me? Do share!

EEEK I cannot wait to feel the sun on my face and sand between my toes, it truly feels like it has been the longest winter ever!!

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Images via Qantas

13 July 2015

Weekend Adventures: A Charity Ball + Sunday Drive

 I love weekend adventures.

Monday to Friday for me is spent running our family owned Construction Business with Hubby. Being your own boss is great, but it also means alot of responsibility and long days in the office. For me, weekends are about shutting the office door and switching off from the week I have had and certainly no work talk over dinner! I therefore love to take a Sunday drive or the opportunity to adventure - a change of scenery is always so refreshing and rejuvenating!

We were lucky enough through one of our work suppliers to be invited to be charity ball over the weekend, for the Our Kids foundation, to improve the health services for children in the Northern Rivers area. We couldn't turn down an opportunity to frock and suit up at a ball with a three course meal and bar tab, could we? It's always fun to be able to dress up and I especially love seeing Hubby suited up as he spends Monday to Friday in construction clothes, so it is extra special!

7 July 2015

Visiting The Gold Coast? Here is my corner of the world!

I love where I live.

I love that on my doorstep I have white sandy beaches, the hinterland and the rainforest.

So where do I live?
Currumbin on the southern Gold Coast. Have you visited my corner of the world before?

I thought I would share with you today some top things to do if you happen to be in the area, whilst on holiday, or maybe you live nearby but hadn't yet experienced Currumbin for yourself? 

I love the idea of taking you on a tour of my town, to show Australia my corner of the world. I thought it would be a great way for you to learn about my backyard and perhaps I can learn a little more about yours?

I have chosen three things to do, as a family that are free. That's right, free - here is my pick on what to do and see if you are visiting Currumbin.

6 July 2015

Life lately + What I have been Admiring, Reading and DIYing!

Hi there! So what has been happening this week? Lots!

Although winter on the Gold Coast, it has been kind of warm feeling with this week predicted to be in the mid twenties - hooorah! Also, we are on the winter countdown in my house, with each day being marked off the calendar and the countdown to spring beginning. Yep, you guessed it we are summer people!
Day dreaming by the pool doesn't make winter go away apparently! Although the pool looks lovely its a chilly 19 degrees!

Farmer Market fins - fresh blooms, berries and crunchy winter apples!

2 July 2015

Pinch Me Beautiful - The Handmade Series

Heya, hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!

You can find me today over at Pinch Me Beautiful - where I am sharing a little bit about the creative side of me and an extension of Glamour Coastal Living, my dreamcatcher making!

Bec from Pinch Me Beautiful was so kind to feature me as part of her Handmade Series, where she showcases a creative business and gives a behind the scenes insight. 

Bec was recently nominated as a Kidspot Voices 2015 top 100 Blogger, as a Home & Wellbeing Finalist which is super exciting and has a beautiful blog where she shares creative tutorials, yummy recipes and of course her beautiful handmade weaves

Bec shared this amazing weave last week, inspired by the beach and shades of blue I absolutely love this one contrasted with the driftwood. 

So come on over to Pinch Me Beautiful and say Hi and check out Bec's gorgeous blog, its a great place to come and hang out!

Thanks Bec for having me today x

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